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The world wide technology edwardsville team is currently in Nashville, TN to continue work on the “Lemonade Stand at Cipriani,” an educational presentation about technology in education. The team hopes to create a similar event in other cities throughout the country.

There are a lot of other people here, but we want to give a shoutout to the city council for granting us an hour of early access to the event.

Speaking of early access, we get to talk with the city council at Cipriani about the lemonade stand. They tell us that the event helps fund the city’s technology project. It also allows them to talk with the public about public safety issues. The city also gives access to some of its employees so they can make a presentation, which they say has been well received so far.


The city council has also granted us free access to the event as a thank you for our work so far. They are also helping us get a spot on the event’s official website so we can thank them for their support.

So we are now officially members of the city’s technology team. We are also going to be on the “Tech City” radio station, so if you have any technical questions you can call in to ask them.

The City Council is looking to get tech-savvy city employees to help with some of the city government tasks. This includes helping the mayor with new technology, taking notes on new projects, as well as helping with the city’s technology infrastructure. We have several teams working on projects already, so I’m sure you can imagine we’re looking forward to getting a few of them on board with us.

It’s a shame we won’t see the mayor. His assistant, Amanda, is a tech-savvy and technology savvy woman who knows a lot about tech. She’s looking to get a job at the city council.

Yes, we are hoping to get a woman on the city council. Her name is Amanda.


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