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wjfw news is an educational software company which works with the public to create innovative technologies that integrate science and problem solving into everyday life. Their goal is to improve interiors and literacy by delivering education, challenging learning that can transform entire communities. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are woven into everything we do in our daily lives, yet there is a startling lack of education about STEM subjects — especially math and science. Technology has always been around and it just isn’t as exciting as people think it is.

wjfw news is a new type of news and events dedicated to the people of…”Wartburgland”, a small independent manor in central Germany from 1617 to 1964. wjfw news is a camaraderie based news source for the past 300 years in Wartburgland. The goal of this free service is to gather information about Wartburgland and its history, culture and traditions, but also to provide advice/chat with other warts and warts, as well as to keep abreast of what’s happening in society.

We have to have a news site that covers the news in our community. wjfw is about sharing news and events we are passionate about. wjfw offers features like blog, social media, trending topics and scoops from local experts.



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