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Family values on the march. They are pro-life and pro-choice. One such local television news station that has been covering the story of family values for about a year now is wichita falls times record news. This station has made it their business to cover these issues because they believe in the “family values” movement that has garnered national attention and has led to changes in attitudes and laws throughout the country. Recently, WFPT hosted an event called “Shout Outs – Celebrating Life’s Greatest Moments” in which they broadcast an hour-long live interview with Dr. Mary Hassenfeld who was honored for her role as the Presidential Nominee for Women in Medicine at the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

The biggest story of the day just might be about the wichita falls times record news.

The life of a record-setting person is about to change. From now on, the record man will put on his pants and shoes. Now he’s a ‘wichita fall’ and it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s from Kansas City. The record man will be wearing a shirt with the Wichita Falls Times Record and Kansas City Star on it. Cities like Kansas City have tried to lure the record man by selling him expensive shoes that are built like real records, but every time they try to run him off the street, they’re swarmed by reporters like this one. Even if he’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Clear Channel,’ they’ll still be snapping pictures of him anyway.


wichita falls times record news is an American network of local stations covering the Wichita Falls and Levelland area. The station provides a news way of life to the community. They are well known for their volunteer work in improving the ability of individuals to work, providing tutoring and outreach to kids in homes and schools, helping out with public service announcements, raising awareness regarding medical issues in our area. They also run community events like a free fish fry each Saturday night at Levelland Creek Commons (a community park) or raise money for community organizations such as Teen Challenge.

KCET and KSAT are Live News stations that are simulcasting your local news to you. So if you want to know what’s happening while you’re still in town, go to their website and click the “live.” This way, you don’t miss the latest headlines or get the information you need at the right time. Also, don’t forget to check out KCET HD , KSAT HD and KSHB HD so that you can watch live local news.

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