Why is providing good customer service important?


Good customer service is not just about having more customers choose you over the competition.

 It’s about understanding that customer service will keep you in business. 

Understanding what customers want and need is key to running a successful business, and there are several ways to tell if your rates of retention are good. That’s why it’s important to have experts perform your customer service. Agents from call center services in the Philippines has adequate experience on handling different kinds of customers and they already know how to provide solution based on each customer needs. Having these professionals represent your business can be a great way to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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Benefits of providing good customer service .

1. Customer service is important .

It is a key aspect of running a business and ultimately, its success.

2. Four reasons customer service is important.

     1. It can help you keep your customers

     2. It makes your company valuable to those who do business with you

     3. You look more valuable and professional when you give good customer service

     4. Good customer service builds brand awareness and increases foot traffic to your business

3. Your customers will be more loyal.

 If they feel the company is good at providing good customer service.As it will build strong customer loyalty and brand recognition. 

It can also give you an advantage over competitors who do not provide such care for their customers as well as building customer loyalty by increasing repeat or repeat purchase rate.

This results in very high profit, especially on luxury goods which are sold in smaller supply quantities due to the cost of raw materials that go into them.  

4. Don’t ignore the importance of having good customer service. 

It’s not just about making a sale, but is actually a form of insurance for your company. Why? Because if nobody comes to buy from you today, they probably won’t be coming back tomorrow.

 “Customers who receive high quality service are more loyal, and information has a way of getting around-people tell others where they had a good experience.

 In addition, many businesses rely on word of mouth as an important source of business growth.

5. Good customer service can boost sales.

This article by Marshall Thurber states that providing good customer service can boost profits in the long run, through word of mouth marketing and overall loyalty. 

The end result is that customers are more likely to buy from you again, and therefore will spend more money doing so (and probably recommending your products/services to other people). 

This proves that the benefits of good customer service can be seen in the long term, even beyond selling your company’s products directly to customers; the sale is only part of it.

6. Quality customer service can make your company grow.

“When you provide excellent customer service, they’ll tell their friends and family.

 The more people who have good things to say about you, the more likely you are to do really well. Great customer service has a direct impact on growth, in the form of higher word-of-mouth awareness.

7. Customer service can improve your reputation online.

“I know when I have good customer service because people just have nothing but nice things to say. I also know when I have bad customer service because nobody says anything at all.”

8. It is important for the overall health of your business.

By providing great customer service, you will be able to establish trust with your customers and they will tell their friends and family that they got a great deal and that their experience was wonderful. 

This will help to build trust with your customer base and show that you are a trustworthy company. The more people who have good things to say about you, the more likely you are to do really well. 

Great customer service has a direct impact on growth, in the form of higher word-of-mouth awareness.

9. A good reputation is worth money.

“A reputation as a great place to do business is something that can be very powerful and can be very profitable, especially for new businesses. New companies don’t have the reputation yet.”

10. A bad reputation is bad news for your customers AND your business.

“A bad reputation can have a negative effect on customer service, which then affects your business…”

11. A good reputation can help grow your company by word of mouth marketing.

A survey conducted by American Express back in 2009 found that 43% of consumers would give a positive review to a brand they had previously been happy with if they had a negative or neutral experience with them in the next two years.


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