Why ASIAN FOOD Is The Only Skill You Really Need


As we enter the 21st century, many are concerned about global warming and how it will affect our society. But what about food like choi’s asian food market? In many ways, food is one of the most influential parts of our lives. We spend a lot of time and effort preparing food, putting it on display in front of us, or giving it away to friends and family.

1. The U.S. and China Will Be Forced to Share Their Food

Due to a dwindling amount of food, all the countries of the world will have to start sharing, much like they did in World War II and during the recent recession. This is great news for people who have never had authentic Asian food before: if you go to China or Japan, for example, you will get served traditional foods that have been eaten for thousands of years. You will never be forced to eat Chinese takeout again!

2. When Everything Goes Digital, Food Will Stay Analog

In this day and age, we have become so reliant on technology that it seems like we need it for everything. But when the food runs out, and all the technology is gone, people will form tribes and hunt and gather for food the way humans did thousands of years ago. This means that even though you may be able to survive in a world without electricity or television, you won’t be able to survive in a world without food.

3. You Will Become an Expert Hunter-Gatherer Thanks to Asian Food

When the inevitable happens, Americans will adapt by recalling what they learned while living with their immigrant relatives back home in Asia: how to hunt animals and gather plants. Seriously, though, who hasn’t caught a glimpse of a lion or monkey at the zoo? What do you think those are? Yes, that’s right, Asian food!


4. You Will Finally Understand Why People in Asia Eat Their Food Uncooked in the Raw

After that fateful day when the world realizes how essential food is and that most of the people are gone (save for those who have our Asian food), people will start looking for answers to their questions about why we eat our food uncooked. What they’ll learn is that Asians have always believed that raw foods have more vitamins and other nutrients in them.

5. You Will Finally Be Able to Eat Pho As it Was Intended

While in the states, you have become accustomed to eating pho with a fork and spoon. But when technology is gone, you will want to eat all your foods with chopsticks so that you can maintain the authenticity of eating Asian food. And if other survivors are unwilling to eat their soup with sticks? Simply pick up your chopsticks and beat them about the head and shoulders until they relent!

6. Asians Will Finally Be Allowed to Enter the U.S. Unmolested

All the recent hate crimes and other issues involving Middle Easterners have done a lot to hurt the reputation of Muslims. But after that fateful day, Muslims will finally be accepted by Americans as people. After all, any group that can eat such gross food without complaint is not a threat!

7. When You Are Poisoned by Food, Blood Vampires Will Be a Much More Realistic Threat

Remember how in the movies people get poisoned when they eat food they suspect has been poisoned? This is what Asians have always believed. When the nuclear bombs and chemicals are gone, many people will be discovered to be vampires who feed on blood. While you can’t take your chances with vampires, there is a simple solution: don’t eat any food that has been poisoned!

8. You Will Finally Understand Why Asians Don’t Eat Their Fish Raw

Americans have always been confused about why Asians don’t eat their fish raw. But when you’re a survivor and you’re starving, you will understand that Asians have long believed that eating raw fish can make you sick. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for people who eat sushi.

9. You Will Finally Have the Ability to Avoid Terrible Movies That Involve Food

You’ve always hated certain movies for their terrible writing and bad acting but now there’s another reason to avoid many of them: they involve food and serve as painful reminders of what we will no longer have in this world. Don’t bore yourself with trying to watch “Ratatouille” or “Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Instead, you should binge watch the greatest movies ever made, those that involve no food at all: the “Terminator” series and the “Dead Quadrant” series.

10. You Will Finally Be Able to Understand Why Asians Are Uninterested in Eating Their Own Food

You may have been perplexed when an Asian sat down at your dinner table and refused to try your food even though it was made with their own culture’s recipes. Well, after being forced to look down on Asians for so long, Americans will finally realize that eating your own culture’s food is unappealing because it reminds you of all the relatives who came over here and forced you to eat their cuisine.


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