Why All the Fuss About Medical Mart?


This article is going to focus on the idea of a medical mart which will have all the facilities related to pharmacy, as well as everything else that even remotely replicates to medical. With such a huge frank’s medical mart orange tx, pharmacists are now starting to look at this idea in more detail and perhaps moving into it. It would be very beneficial for pharmacists and patients alike. A medical mart could especially help those people who struggle with hospital bills, particularly those who live in rural areas or far-flung suburbs and cities where they have no access to any services like a medical mart.

1. An Introduction to Medical Marts 

A medical mart is a type of retail outlet that sells a wide range of products and services related to medicine. It has a pharmacy section in which all the medicines for the treatment of different diseases are available. It has a lab section in which all the tests and scans are done, usually for free too. It has an out-patient section where you can have a checkup done. On the face of it, a medical mart sounds like a very good thing. It is essentially a center where you can go and get all your medicines along with any other health related products including cosmetics, toiletries, food supplements, etc. But it is not that simple in reality.

2.Benefits of a Medical Mart

From the patients’ perspective, they will benefit from many things regarding their treatment by going to the medical mart:

a. They will be provided with medicines and other health products at an affordable cost as compared to shopping for them elsewhere or buying them on-line.


b. If they require hospital treatment, they can feel more relaxed knowing that the medical products will be provided by a reputable pharmacy chain and not a drug store where they might not have good quality medicines.

c. Being at the medical mart, they are likely to get cheaper services such as dental care or physiotherapy.

3. Challenges of a Medical Mart

On the other hand, there are challenges for pharmacists in a medical mart:

a. There is always a risk of fraud as patients go for cheaper products or medicines from outside their area but the pharmacist does not know about it. b. If they have not been involved in the chain of events, they may feel that they are being left out from lucrative deals.

c. Pharmacists may not be able to refer customers to all the health related products and services available at the medical mart as this will extend their business and thus increase their competition with one another.

4. The Future of a Medical Mart

For all these reasons, it seems difficult for pharmacists to get involved in a medical mart. In the future, it appears more likely that medical marts will be selling only a few types of medicines, and other services will be provided by independent companies.

d. In fact, it is more common for pharmacies to function as health stores rather than medical marts where they sell their own branded products and services.

5. What all things medical marts would have?

It will have medicine and medical equipment, diagnostic and health information technology, pharmacy services, clinical services, as well as non-medical products like toiletries and food supplements. Over time, an increasing number of health professionals in a variety of disciplines may be added to the staff. 

6. How did the medical mart come into picture?

Medical marts were developed to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for providing retail pharmacy and medical products and services in the non-hospital sector. The medical mart has come up in recent years. The idea of a medical mart is that the hospitals, pharmacies and other professional health services integrate with each other and work on one platform. Another big reason for the emergence of medical marts was that there was no need for patients to visit all the different medical facilities and pharmacies in order to get their treatment.

7. Other services that may be offered in a medical mart

It is not clear at this point, but it is expected that there will be other services provided at a medical mart as multiple complementary health services are already being provided in hospitals and pharmacies. The services could include physiotherapy, physiotherapy equipment, massage, skin care and cosmetic products like cosmetics. Other than pharmacy and hospital facilities, it can also have other services like diagnostic tests which will be done by health professionals like radiologists or laboratory technicians. It may also provide non-medical products like toiletries, books, cosmetics etc.


The medical mart is a multi-modality concept and incorporates the entire spectrum of health care activities. This includes retail pharmacy services, integrated health services, professional community pharmacy services and generic and over-the-counter (OTC) products. There are many medical marts around the world but they are usually limited to certain areas. Apart from the fact that a medical mart is unlikely to succeed financially in its present form, there are also several challenges and risks for pharmacists who want to get involved.


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