Who was Joker’s mom?


The Joker’s mom is a well-known and iconic figure in the world of comic book lore. Her name, however, is unknown. 

The origin of the Joker’s mother is another mystery in comics that has puzzled fans for decades. Who was bayonetta joker mom? This article explores her appearance and what we know about how she came to be.

In the history of comics, the Joker’s mother has been a source of conjecture. In fact, she was a feature in DC Comics’ first superhero team known as the Justice Society of America. 

The villainess also appeared multiple times in various comics including Batman, Brave and Bold and The Brave and the Bold.


The Joker’s mother is not just a random woman in the Joker’s life. She is, by far, his most well-known companion.


The Joker’s mother first appeared in Detective Comics in 1951. She was the only person that the Joker ever loved. She was a humble housewife who lived on an island, where she locked herself away from her husband and children. 

She died from a terminal disease as a result of her husband’s actions as the Joker, as he sealed her away from medical treatment to communicate how much he loathed what he had become. 

She was buried on an isolated island, and planted a rose that grew around her grave. The Joker periodically returned to tend to it. 

The rose has never bloomed, even after multiple attempts by various villains to take it.

The Joker’s mother was not the only woman in his life. He had a number of girlfriends over the years, including Harley Quinn. 

Many of these women did not realize that he was the Joker, and did not become part of his twisted existence until it was too late. 

When Harley did discover the truth about him, she tried to shoot him with a crossbow but her gun wouldn’t fire because it was too full of love for him! She would later be turned into an inmate of Arkham Asylum.

The origin of the Joker’s mother

The Joker’s mother was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Jerry Robinson, who was co-creator of the character. When she first appeared in “Classic Comics”, her name was not revealed. 

Some fans believe that she could be the aunt of Barbara Gordon, who is one of Batman’s allies. This theory stemmed from what happens in Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel The Killing Joke. 

Moore has said that the Joker was actually Gordon’s illegitimate son, which would make Barbara his sister. If this was the case, it would mean that Barbara would be related to Gordon’s mother.


The woman in the Joker’s life disguised herself as an old woman. In “Batgirl”, by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Carmine Infantino, she appears in an advertisement for a beauty product that clogs pores and makes your skin gross. 

In all of her appearances, she always dressed in a fancy purple dress with a matching hat and carried around a bouquet of flowers. 

Many fans have speculated that she may have been a nurse, but this is never confirmed in any comic stories or character designs. 

In some of the artwork of the character, she appears to be much younger than her husband.

Are they related?

The Joker’s father is never named in any comic stories, but it has been established that he was a criminal called Jack Napier. 

The two were apparently good friends, which often caused friction between them as the Joker was forever trying to outdo his father in crimes and terrorizing people for sport. 

This led to an unhealthy relationship between the two men, one that continued after Jack had retired from crime and embraced a more peaceful existence with his wife and children.


The Joker’s mother has appeared many times with other members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery. 

The most well-known time she appears is in the pages of “Robin Annual” by writer Scott Beatty and artist Mike Grell, where she is seen with the villain Two-Face. 

They are both acting as if they have been together for a long time, but have not been able to finish their date due to being interrupted by some of Batman’s allies who had heard about it from a phone call from Alfred Pennyworth.

In “The Brave and the Bold”, the character is seen in multiple panels with characters Bane and Scarecrow. 

In “Joker’s Five Way Revenge”, she appears with other female villains of Batman’s rogues gallery. She is shown to be a capable thief and a master of disguise, as seen in her numerous appearances. In many of these appearances, she plays the role of a hooker for their customers.


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