Who was Joker’s mom?


Some people want to know what her favorite food or color is. Others want to know how many languages she speaks, or whether she’s right-handed or left-handed. But most of all, people want to know: who was bayonetta joker mom?

It turns out this isn’t such an easy question to answer. There are four theories about who Bayonetta’s mother is, and they’re all equally believable and impossible to prove definitively.

So read on for a summary of these theories and learn which one you think has the best evidence behind it!

Here are some points discussed about joker’s mom


1. The Joker

No, seriously. This is probably the most popular theory among fans, with no shortage of evidence to back it up! 

People have pointed out that she has two Devil May Cry tattoos, neither of which are on her arm, but rather on her thigh. 

As both Dante and Vergil have Devil May Cry tattoos on their thighs, people have theorized this means she was originally intended to be Dante’s younger sister. 

This is reinforced by the fact that Vergil showed up in Bayonetta 2 as a playable character after the main story was completed, signifying that he had been introduced earlier-and not via DLC as many fans thought.

Further, he is known to have fallen in love with her-very briefly, during his first appearance. He comes across as very protective of her, especially in the story mode. 

He is shown scolding her for nearly killing Albus, then taunting him by saying, “If you want to be a man, fight me.” 

He had Bayonetta swear on the name of their devil lineage that she would never harm Albus or their child. His last words were “try to keep your promise”.

2. Rodin

In Bayonetta 2, Rodin tells Bayonetta that he “found” something that was “a bit too young to be on the street,” and so he decided to build some connections for it by creating a weapon shop.

This was a baby, and Rodin decided to raise it as his own daughter. He even dresses her in a similar fashion to how Dante dresses himself, giving her a red leather jacket with white trim.

3. Enzo

He was a one-night stand of hers, which she slept with to pass the time. Of course, he came back to try to win her affections, but by that point she had already fallen in love with another man, Balder. 

He tried to make his feelings for her clear-particularly how much he sacrificed for her-by becoming a demon hunter after being partnered with Balder, but she only saw him as a friend. 

This fact has been cemented in the recent Bayonetta 2 when Enzo becomes Pride while trying to protect Bayonetta from Jubileus’ spawn.

4. Balder

This is the least popular theory, and the evidence for it is circumstantial at best. For starters, he and Bayonetta share a very unusual bond: each time she dies, Balder’s angelic powers are weakened. 

He also has a bit of a history with the Lumen Sage Cole-one of Bayonetta’s friends-and can summon him as a lance for Bayonetta to use in combat. 

In one ending, Balder awakens from a long slumber to find that Bayonetta has been killed by Jubileus’ spawn and so he proceeds to go on a rampage.

At the end of Bayonetta 2, he appears floating above a pile of joker’s corpses (he had overcome his fear of death to fight off the spawn).

From this position, he looks like he’s saying “I’ll protect you.” He then looks out toward the city in front of him, and in doing so seems to make eye contact with someone in the distance.

5. Bayonetta

That’s right-this theory actually has some evidence behind it. This is the “fourth” theory, and was discussed on GameFaqs. 

It comes from the interpretation of one of Bayonetta’s idle poses in game. When she does this pose, she will hold up four fingers of her left hand (the one with the gun glove). 

Some fans have taken this to mean that there are four witches of Umbra, of which Bayonetta is “mother” to all of them. 

The other three are Rosa-Cereza (“daughter”) Jeanne-Lilith (“stepdaughter”), and an unnamed fourth witch (possibly Enzo’s mother).

Many people have suggested that this means that Bayonetta’s mother is the witch of Umbra who created all the other witches. 

Or it could mean that she is Rosa, who created all of them (and was the original witch of Umbra). It would make sense for her to be the one who created them, as she is identified as a Witch of Heaven by Dante in Devil May Cry 4. 

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