Who is the mascot of pixar?


One of the most successful companies in animation, Pixar has created hit franchises like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. 

The company’s other iconic work includes the movie Up, which was screened at over 40 different film festivals. Despite its success, few people know much about Pixar. 

The answer is discussed here about which item serves as the mascot for pixar animation studios?

This article outlines some surprising facts about its origins and surprising employees who have made an impact on popular culture. 


If you want to learn more about this famous company without heading to their website or watching one of their movies, this blog post should satisfy your curiosity.

1. Who is the mascot of pixar?

One of the most popular franchises at Pixar is Cars. If you know little about this movie, it’s unlikely you would be able to guess who is the fictional mascot of this movie. 

While not Pixar’s most successful franchise, Cars has generated over $1 billion in revenue. This revenue is a testament to a well-designed and well-marketed franchise. 

The success of this franchise has led some people to assume the main character in the film is a car, even though this is technically incorrect. 

The actual name of the film’s main character is Mater. Mater is the combined effort of the designers at Pixar to come up with a perfect name for their main protagonist.

2. Facts about pixar

This company has produced so many hits that it’s easy to forget how young it is. Founded in 1986, Pixar is only the 4th longest running animation studio in existence, behind Walt Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and Warner Animation Group. 

Some of Pixar’s productions have won Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film. The movie Brave earned this award after being nominated for 11 others, including Best Picture and Best Director for Kelly Asbury. 

The movie “Toy Story” was also nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. One of the other animated features nominated for a Best Picture award was “Cars”. The first movie Pixar released as a movie was not a major hit. 

In fact, the movie only grossed $38 million. Other studios at the time started to take notice of this, and Pixar began to try to recapture its strong buzz from 1985. 

This led to the creation of Toy Story in 1995, which won numerous awards and remains one of their most successful movies to date.

3. Facts about Toy Story

Toy story is one of the highest grossing movies ever made, with over $633 million domestic and over $1 billion worldwide. 

It was the highest-grossing animated film of all time until it was outperformed by Disney’s “Frozen” in 2014. 

A sequel to the original Toy Story was released in 2010. This sequel, called simply “Toy Story 2”, was released on Thanksgiving weekend of 2010, and became the most successful Thanksgiving weekend release ever with $110 million.

4. A secret that almost nobody knows about pixar

This company has an interesting secret that almost nobody knows about: They are not really part of Pixar. 

Made to look like a tiny studio with only nine employees, Pixar actually has 2,000 employees spread throughout its various studios around Silicon Valley. 

The most famous of these studios is their headquarters, located in Emeryville, California. The location of the headquarters was chosen to make it easier for workers to commute from San Francisco and Berkeley.

5. Facts about Pixar Animation Studios

One of the most popular movies ever made, Toy Story was released in 1995 and grossed over $191 million domestically and $361 million worldwide. 

Its success spawned two additions: Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010), which grossed $485 million domestically and $1 billion worldwide each. 

Despite their great success as a company, they almost went bankrupt at one point after releasing a series of flops such as “A Bug’s Life”. 

One of the latest movies produced by Pixar is called “Inside Out”. It was released in 2015 and grossed over $857 million at the box office.

6. Facts about Disney and Pixar’s relationship

Pixar and Walt Disney Studios had a particularly rocky relationship until Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, took them both to court. At one point, lawyers representing Disney and Pixar were facing off against each other in a courtroom battle. 

The conflict started when Steve Jobs led a raid on Disney’s computer graphics division. The takeover was specifically focused on stealing away some of its most talented employees. 

Jobs then used these stolen employees to create their own animation studio, which would later become known as Pixar. The court battle took years, and was a major victory for Pixar.


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