Who is “redhead blackbelt”?

Young woman with red hair

Sophia Grace Brownlee is the internet’s latest web celebrity who has made headlines for her many YouTube videos. 

She is somebody who nobody could have predicted, someone who deserves to be recognized not just for being a remarkable young woman, but for being a talented martial artist as well. 

Her story offers an inspiring message that tells us that anything can happen if you put your mind to it.

In redheaded blackbelt videos she presents a positive and optimistic view on life that’s inspiring to anyone who is willing to learn from her as she is. 


“People have been inspired by my story and so many have reached out with comments and questions. This is a great reminder for me to share my journey with others as I’ve been able to help them through personal challenges.”

Here are some points about Redhead Black

1. Sophia Grace Brownlee was born on March 23, 2000.

She was born on Federal Way, Washington to parents Alaina and David Brownlee. 

The third child and only daughter in her family (she also has two brothers: Tristan and Grayson).

2. She is a martial artist– she’s been training in Krav Maga.

She has been training in her own martial art since she was four years old, which is called ITF Taekwondo. She has a brown belt in ITF Taekwondo and a red belt in Krav Maga. 

This goes to show that a redhead black-belt isn’t just a pretty face but a talented martial artist as well.

3. She’s an animal lover.

Her love for animals can be seen in her cover photo on Facebook where she is giving a sweet kiss to her dog, Milea. 

She has a huge heart for animals and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up. 

Sophia Grace Brownlee stated in an interview that she wanted to be a vet “because I want to help all of the cute little puppies and kitties around the world get better.” 

4. Sophia Grace Brownlee is a fast learner.

What many people don’t know is that Sophia Grace Brownlee actually started learning Krav Maga when she was only two years old! 

“Redhead black-belt” is quick at learning; the videos of her practicing Krav Maga are proof of this. 

5. She has an amazing voice.

Since she was nine years old, Sophia Grace Brownlee has been singing and acting professionally. 

She plays piano and plays violin as well, which is why her music tends to be very artsy and unique. 

One of her most famous YouTube videos is where she sings the song “A Whole New World” from Disney’s movie, Aladdin.

6. Sophia Grace Brownlee has dyslexia.

Sophia Brownlee has dyslexia, which makes it difficult for her to read, write, and spell quickly. 

There have been several instances in which she was bullied for this at school, but she grew up to be an inspirational person who proves that anything is possible with the right amount of dedication and hard work. 

The fact that Sophia Grace Brownlee has dyslexia is very inspiring! 

It shows us how anyone can rise above obstacles when they are determined enough to not give up in life.

7. She speaks fluent Japanese, which a lot of people don’t know.

Sophia has a Japanese exchange student named Miki in her family.

When she was nine, she learned about the language because Miki was learning English and wanted to talk to Sophia in English, too! 

Since then, Sophia has been learning to speak fluent Japanese. This adds to the fact that “redhead black-belt” is not just a pretty face but also very talented and intelligent as well.

8. She loves cats and dogs and wants to become a veterinarian.

Sophia Grace Brownlee adores animals and wants to become a vet when she grows up. 

In an interview, Sophia stated that she wanted to be a vet “because I want to help all of the cute little puppies and kitties around the world get better.” 

She is still taking steps in order to achieve her goal. She went on a tour in Mexico in order to volunteer at the Tijuana Animal Welfare shelter. 

In an interview about this experience, Sophia said that “I love dogs and cats so much! It’s just so nice being surrounded by dogs and playing with them everyday. I came home every day with a big smile on my face.”

9. Sophia Grace Brownlee has a charitable heart.

She has always wanted to help people who are less fortunate than her, since she came home every day with a big smile on her face. 

One of the charities that she supports is called “Haute on the Streets”

This charity provides clothing, food, and shelter to homeless people in Los Angeles. 


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