Which story element is most evident in the excerpt?


Natalie glanced up at the front of the room to see who was walking in. 

The shadowy figure that was slowly making its way to her desk, backlit by the sun streaming through the window, had long dark hair with tinges of red and browns.

Here is the answer for, what story element is developed in the excerpt?

The most evident story element in this excerpt is “the shadowy figure.” We can tell it is a female because she has long dark hair with tinges of red and browns. 


There are no other people in this excerpt besides Natalie and this person, which means they are most likely one-on-one together.

Here are story discussed which is most evident in the excerpt-

1. The sun

The sun is most evident in this excerpt because it is the light source behind the figure. It helps the reader to see what is happening in this excerpt. 

It also states that it is shining through the window. The sun illuminates everything, which helps you see better.

2. The shadowy figure

The shadowy figure is most evident in this story. This person is making her way toward Natalie, which indicates she may be there for help, or she may be there to terrorize her for some reason. 

You don’t know what she looks like or who she is at all, just that she’s there with Natalie and standing by her desk now.

3. The wavy lines

The wavy lines are most evident in the excerpt because the sun is behind her. 

Her dark hair makes it seem like she’s in motion because it’s waving in the wind.

4. The alarm clock

The alarm clock is most evident in this story because at 6:03am, Natalie has to get started for class, but she needs to make sure if this person is there before the class starts, to avoid getting into trouble.

5. The titles

The titles “Which story” and “Which story element” are most evident in the excerpt because they are right there in the beginning of the sentence.

6. The images

The images of the alarm clock, wavy lines, and sun are almost evident because they each help to support the point of the sentence. 

They help you understand what is going on with this sentence, which is that it’s a short one but still has a lot going on in it.

7. The conclusion

The conclusion is most evident in this story because it is at the end. Everything up to that point helps lead to that conclusion.

8. The story itself

The story itself is most evident in the excerpt because this excerpt is a part of a larger short story.

9. The title of the story it’s from

The title of this excerpt is “Invisible”, which means the person who wrote this must have been invisible for a long time, or maybe still is today. 

This could mean she doesn’t see color, but it’s much more likely she was being bullied in school and never stood up for herself until much later in life when she was out of school and no one else could see her anymore.

10. The main character (Natalie)

Natalie is most evident in this story because she’s the one writing about her experience with this person. 

She goes into great detail with plenty of inflection, repetition, and descriptions that help the reader picture who this person is. 

She uses very vivid language to make it seem like talking to someone (even if Natalie isn’t actually talking to anyone at all).

11. The setting (the room)

The setting is most evident in the excerpt because it can be seen at the beginning of this sentence, which says “she was sitting at her desk”.

12. The conflict

The conflict is most evident in the excerpt because it has to do with someone coming over to Natalie’s desk. 

It could be there for a variety of reasons, but Natalie wanted to make sure she didn’t get in trouble for talking.

13. The mood

The mood is most evident in this story because it’s written at 1:06am, which makes it seem like she’s having a bad dream, only she knows it’s real. 

This makes this story more frightening to the reader, as they believe it could be for real for Natalie.

14. The voice

The voice is most evident in the excerpt because she talks like someone who knows what they’re talking about, which makes it that much more unsettling to read.

15. Who owns the story (Natalie)

Who owns this story is most evident because she is the one who wrote it at the bottom, which indicates that she owns it, not some other person (like her parents). 

She also knows everything about this person because she would know all of these details if she were there with them herself.


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