which statement best explains how transportation technology advanced the industrial revolution

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I thought about the industrial revolution, and then I got back into my car. I was so excited! I had to get back in my car. I was a part of transportation history.

The Industrial Revolution happened when steam engines and other mechanical improvements allowed large groups of people who previously worked in factories to get together in towns and cities to work on a variety of projects. These inventions allowed them to make things like cars, factories, and the like. In some ways, transportation was an extension of that, allowing the workers to get together in groups and do jobs together.

The Industrial Revolution was really a time where people were more empowered than ever before. In the beginning, most people had no way of getting around and relied on walking, horse drawn carts, or riding animals. But with the invention of new transportation technologies, people were able to travel a lot more and go to places far and wide.

This changed the whole world, because now people were able to do things that would have been considered impossible before. The invention of the airplane and the automobile wasn’t just about making travel easier, it was also about making it more efficient. The automobile made it possible for people to get around without having to worry about getting caught in traffic. As an example, in the beginning, people used to use horse drawn carts to get around.


There are many ways in which we can look at the history of transportation technology. One of the most important in our time was the invention of the airplane. It was an invention that changed the entire way people traveled, and this was due to the fact that it was a much simpler and faster way to get around than the horse drawn carts. In the beginning, people used to travel on horse drawn carts that were used to travel to and from a farm.

The first practical airplane flight took place in 1832. This was the invention of Thomas Edison. He was a brilliant engineer and inventor, and this was his first big break. However, it was not until 1867 (eight years after Edison’s flight) when the Wright Brothers made the first successful flight, that anyone could actually see a real airplane.

The invention of the airplane was only around for a short time, but it changed the world. Edison’s invention was a mechanical device that changed the way we travel and that in turn allowed people to travel farther and faster. It also made it easier to travel in small groups, and that in turn made it easier for people to work together. But it wasn’t until after the invention of the airplane that people began to travel by air.

The invention of the airplane changed the world. It took a long time for us to get the technology, and then it was used only in the military and in some areas of industry. That allowed for a much more efficient way to move goods around, but it was still far from the way we’d like to move goods around, especially if we have a large population. The invention of the railroad and the telegraph made it much easier to move goods around and also changed the way people worked.

We can look at the railroad as the beginning of the industrial revolution because the railroad allowed for much more efficient transportation of goods. Our own journey by train is the beginning of the industrial revolution because it changed how people worked and brought about the invention of the airplane. But there are other factors which changed the industrial revolution. For example, the use of steam power was used to create the first electric lightbulb. Steam power changed the way we did work and caused the power of technology to advance.

Technological advancement and the industrial revolution were related. Steam power and the steam engine were the first power plants. Once we had a steam engine, it was only a matter of time before we had a bicycle. And once we had a bicycle, it was only a matter of time before we had a car. And once we had a car, it was only a matter of time before we had a television.


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