When Should You Replace Your Car’s Fuel Pump?

When owning a car, you have to maintain it from time to time to keep it running on the road for a long time. Meanwhile, some drivers would drive their car to an auto repair shop when they find a slight issue, while others would not mind the issues until they worsen. And one part of the car that you have to keep an eye out for is the fuel pump. 

The fuel pump is an integral component of the car because it sends gas from the fuel tank to the engine, and an engine will never run without fuel to combust. However, a time will come when you will need to get a new pump (preferably a Walbro fuel pump) because your current one is degrading your car’s performance. And you have to learn the best times to replace it if you want your car running in top condition. 

Engine Sputtering

One issue that tells you your fuel pump needs fixing right away is when your engine starts sputtering. Your car’s engine should run and sound smooth when driving, indicating that it still has a good fuel pump. But when it starts jolting and skips a beat, you might need to contact a mechanic and have the fuel pump inspected. 

The sputtering happens because the fuel pump fights to send adequate fuel to the engine, causing your car to behave erratically. Note that a sputtering engine is dangerous when driving on roads and highways because you cannot predict when it will happen. You might suddenly step on the gas to send more fuel to the engine, causing it to accelerate right away. 

Engine Surge

Another fuel pump issue that is opposite to engine sputtering is engine surges. Instead of not sending enough gas to the engine, an engine surge suddenly sends in more gas, causing it to accelerate without warning. So, when you feel that your engine suddenly surges at one point, you should drive over to an auto repair shop and have the fuel pump checked right away to prevent you from getting into a road accident. 

You should get a new Walbro fuel pump right away once your mechanic says that your current one is broken so that you can drive safely on the road again. And a good tip when you feel an engine surge is to go to the side of the road and rev the engine in neutral. If you feel the engine suddenly surges, you either have to drive slow to a mechanic or have one come to you to replace the fuel pump on-site. 

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Note that a bad fuel pump can affect how much you need to fill your gas tank every day. Most of the time, a worn-out fuel pump will consume more gas than usual, which is a waste of money. It might also negatively affect your engine since it is not getting adequate fuel, so you might have more car problems to deal with in the future than replacing the fuel pump. 

So, you should know that a damaged fuel pump can change how your engine runs over time. The engine might consume more gas than it did before, and the only way you can usually have it fixed is with an engine overhaul. 

Keep your fuel pump in top condition by learning the best times to replace it. And when you have a well-maintained fuel pump, you should have no problems on the road all the time. 

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