What’s So Trendy About Self Entertainment That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?


As of 2016, leisure time is growing shorter and people are busier than ever. Busy schedules have led to the rise of a new trend in self-entertainment, or as it’s more commonly known, self-entertaining. These days, people are spending more time engaging with their favorite content creators while they’re at home – watching videos on YouTube and Netflix, scrolling through social media feeds or YouTube videos, chatting on web chat platforms like Discord or Slack – all things that can serve as a distraction from the need for rest and relaxation. Van Son Entertainment is one of the leading entertainment/gaming companies that have made it a mission to provide top-tier content to people around the globe. With multiple TV shows, video games, gadgets, and more in their repertoire, Van Son Entertainment has become a go-to for people who need a distraction.

With so many distractions available to kids today there’s no wonder that some experts are worried about how this might affect their mental health down the road. The Association for Psychological Science recently conducted a study which determined that the more children use a cell phone or device, the less likely it is that they’ll have strong social connections with their friends. 

Researchers think this is because smartphones and other devices are actually interrupting healthy patterns of communication. They also found that some kids who spend too much time using these devices may be at a higher risk for developing symptoms of depression. When Van Son Entertainment’s CEO was asked about this trend he had this to say “There’s always going to be people who have fun with technology and entertainment – we embrace that wholeheartedly.

What’s So Trendy About Self Entertainment That Everyone Went Crazy Over It :


1. Ridiculous Video Content

Van Son Entertainment prides itself on providing high-quality video content for people to enjoy, and this includes videos uploaded by users as well. In fact, the company boasts over 1 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. The company encourages users to upload their own original content and share it with the rest of the world – a practice that is one of the most popular breeds of video content on YouTube today.

2 . Connecting With Other Kids Through Gaming

Kids love to play games these days, and gaming has become one way for kids to connect with each other in their free time – a common trend that Van Son Entertainment embraces wholeheartedly. The company’s game, “SIDEQUEST”, was developed to help kids connect with each other while they play. During one of its early tests, the game had over 3,000 players simultaneously compete against each other in a quest to reach the highest score.

3 . Keep Kids Busy & Entertained While Parents Have Their Own Time To Relax

Van Son Entertainment knows that parents have a lot on their plate and that sometimes it can be hard for them to manage their free time effectively. In order to make things easier for parents, the company has created several products geared towards kids but targeted towards parents. One of these products is the company’s self-entertainment system, which allows parents to control what their kids watch while they’re busy. This way, kids are kept busy while parents can relax and enjoy some time to themselves.

4 . Ease The Pain Of Your Child Going Through A Breakup

Breakups happen – it’s a fact of life that no one can avoid. But for children, breakups can be especially difficult to deal with. While some might blame technology for this phenomenon, Van Son Entertainment has created a solution for this unique problem by providing users with an interactive video game developed especially for dealing with heartbreak in your youth. “Breakup Quest” was designed with kids in mind so that they can interact with their favorite fictional characters as they go through one of the most difficult challenges of their young lives.

5 . Get Kids Excited For School

It’s a problem that’s plagued education experts for years – how do you get kids excited about school? Well, Van Son Entertainment had the same question and decided to seek out an answer. The company went straight to the source, reaching out to teachers and asking them what they thought could be done to make school more interesting for their students. While some suggested things like shorter class periods, others said it was all about incorporating technology into daily activities. 

The solution? Combine the two and create a new kind of classroom experience. Van Son Entertainment’s Classroom Experience allows teachers to play videos and other entertaining content during class while they add a level of interactivity to their lessons, so kids are not just watching passively but actually participating in what they’re doing. This way, schools can keep kids engaged while they still get their education.


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