What’s So Trendy About Games That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?


The popularity of games has increased substantially in recent years, with a significant portion of the world playing at least one. One game that has been on the rise recently is Pokémon Go. Games like this use augmented reality to allow players to go out and hunt for new Pokémon type Pokemon whom they can collect, train and battle with other people online. Coinops 9 is a website that has been tracking the popularity of these types of games since they became popular back in the early days. The site has recorded over 50 million monthly users across all platforms, with a variety of different types.

With this massive amount of data, it’s interesting to take a look at how popular certain games became over time and what was going on in the world during that same time period. The following graph containing data from Coinops 9 , showcases how well-known some of the most popular video games were at different points in history. What is becoming obvious is the incredibly rapid increase in popularity for many video games between 2004 and 2010.

What’s So Trendy About Games That Everyone Went Crazy Over It :

1. Tetris:

Released on the original Nintendo console in 1984, this game had an immediate impact on the video game market. One of the most popular games of all time, it sees players moving rows of bricks falling down while trying to create a horizontal line with them. In order to compete against other people, those that are slow will fall behind and not be able to catch up unless they restart their game by pulling out the console’s reset button.


It was often regarded as one of the best games for young children or elderly people because it was said to help fight depression and improve concentration. The trend for playing Tetris peaked in 2014 at 55 million monthly users and has since decreased as it is no longer a popular game choice anymore.

2. Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue:

These were the games that made Nintendo famous in the long run, and this was because of their immense popularity. Both games featured different versions for each console, but what made them so successful was the ability for players to simply trade with other people who also had a version of these games. 

This grew in popularity to well over 20 million users per month. Where it starts to go downhill is at the end of 2010 when Nintendo announced it had discontinued both versions, which saw its monthly users drop down to 13 million players per month by 2013. Both were later re-released on Nintendo’s newer consoles in 2016 as they attracted a new crowd of gamers back into using their consoles again.

3. Angry Birds:

This game is also a game that has managed to gain popularity over and over again. Released back in 2009, it saw people flock to the store willing to buy the maximum possible number of birds. This was due to the fact that it offered an addictive gameplay, while also being a suitable game for children and the elderly who just wanted something fun to play with no worrying about any specific instructions. 

This was due to how easy it was for those with limited skills in using smart devices, like smartphones and tablets. It eventually peaked at 39 million monthly users worldwide by 2012 before dropping down to 22 million users by 2015.

4. Super Mario Bros.:

Another game that has gone under the radar for a long time, and one of Nintendo’s best known games. It is said to have been one of the first video games to use sprites for its characters rather than having them rendered on computer graphics. These sprites are drawn in a way that gives the illusion that they are three dimensional, which makes it look very realistic on screen. 

Released back in 1985, this game saw a huge amount of success at first before starting to decline by 1990 after only being released on 4 different consoles. It still saw up to 12 million active players per month globally as recently as 2009 before dropping down to 2 million players per month in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

5. Grand Theft Auto:

Released in 2013, this game was one of the first to really be part of a trend that has seen games become more popular than they were before. As these type of games were becoming more and more realistic with every new release, they were also starting to attract a wider audience. 

This is because it was easy for those who didn’t know what the game was about to simply watch the story unfold without being required to play properly. Although there are many different versions of GTA available, it still managed to peak at 1 million users per month globally by 2015 before dropping down to over 700,000 users by 2016 as players lost interest in it.


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