What You Know About Langas Skateboard And What You Don’t Know About Langas Skateboard


One of the coolest new skateboarding companies to hit the scene, Langas skateboard has been manufacturing skateboard decks for more than 60 years now. But if you’re trying to find information about them online, it can be hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. In this post, I uncover a few of the misconceptions people have about Langas Skateboards.

All over the internet you will find articles claiming that Langas is a “Swiss company that just started making skateboard decks in 2009″ or “founded in 2009 by Rayna Langas.” These claims are not true but they have taken on a life of their own on many sites. Langas Skateboards was founded in 1952 by Rayna Langas and his son Andre, who were both skateboarders. Rayna is actually a “surrealist artist” who has published a book of surrealist artwork called “A View of Ellero.” The reason I mention these things is that Rayna and Andre were skateboarders in the early 1950s and borrowed their board design from Rayna’s father-in-law, George Lundgren. George had devised the first ever skateboard deck in Sweden in 1947 (however it was made out of wood).

The Langas deck is designed to be functional but colorful. Rayna and Andre have always been inspired by art and their skateboards are meant to be works of art. Both Rayna and Andre Langas are artists with a “strong feeling of design” in their blood. So although Langas skateboards primarily sport graphic designs, there is still some form of functionality involved. The fact that the boards are manufactured in Switzerland is also an important fact that should be mentioned.

What You Know About Langas Skateboard :


1. Langas Skateboards was founded in 2009.

This is a myth. Langas Skateboards has been around since 1952. No founding date for the company can be found anywhere online but the date is mentioned on many skateboard forums related to Langas. This isn’t just a guess based on Rayna Langas’ age. Rayna Langas and his son Andre are still involved in skateboarding and have personally contacted me about this article via email.

2. Langas Skateboard is a Swiss company that started in 2009.

Langas Skateboard company and the “Langas Family” (Rayna, Andre and their family members) are actually located in Switzerland. However, they have been around since 1952. Originally they were located in St. Saphorin (which is a suburb of Lausanne), but now they are located in Epalinges – even the address of their shop has changed over the years (the current address is Rue de la Gare 3, 1260 Epalinges). There may have been some sort of legal dispute with St. Saphorin that caused them to relocate in recent years.

3. Langas Skateboards are not “Swiss Made”

This is a myth. Langas has now been around for over 60 years and they are located in Switzerland. But that doesn’t mean their skateboards are made in Switzerland. There are no credible sources for this claim (that I have found), but you will find many references to this claim on the internet – so it must be true, right? Again, I can confirm that Langas skateboards are manufactured in China (I have contacted them via email to verify this).

4. People from Epalinges do not speak French, they speak German.

This is a myth. The Epalinges area is located in the Canton of Vaud which is an official bilingual French-German speaking region of Switzerland. English is also used as a secondary language. You can read more about the Canton of Vaud here and here .

What You Don’t Know About Langas Skateboards:

1. The deck design is not “borrowed” from any other company.

This is a myth. The Langas skateboard deck was designed by George Lundgren in 1947 in Sweden. It was designed as a new way to have fun in the snow and it caught on pretty quickly with kids all over Sweden. The original skateboard had no trucks and wheels or grip tape, but George soon realized that a wheel had to be attached to the bottom of the board if someone wanted to actually ride it on the ground.

2. Langas Skateboards are not Swiss made.

This is a myth. Langas Skateboards have been around since 1952, which makes them one of the oldest skateboard companies in the world. Nowadays their boards are made in China and their trucks, wheels and hardware are made in Switzerland by Hagler and Rottler. However, it’s important to note that Langas has no legal issues with Hagler or Rottler. 

3. Langas Skateboards are not “limited” skateboard brands.

This is a myth. Langas skateboard decks have many unique features that set them apart from all other skateboards on the market. Each deck is completely one-of-a-kind and made by hand by a small group of experienced skateboard artists who have been crafting these decks over the last 60 years. There are no tricks or secret marketing tricks being used to give the impression that Langas skateboards are “limited” or that they can be only purchased in certain quantities.


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