What to Consider While Buying Promotional Notebooks?

Promotional Notebooks

Writing is a passion for many people, and a notebook and pen are essentials. For this reason, promotional notebooks are an effective measure for any business. They are small and affordable but still deliver the message to your target market. 

These are also easy to carry around, perfect for today’s mobile society. So, whether it’s class notes, short story writing or crosswords, a notebook is an excellent gift to anyone who loves to write regularly. 

5 Things to Consider

In choosing the best promotional notebooks, always put these things into consideration.

Page/Sheet Numbers

Sheets of paper are included in notebooks. The width of a pad, on the other hand, is determined by the number of sheets it contains. It is because a single piece of paper comprises two sections. 


As a result, double-check the item listing specs to help you remember how many pages you’ll be obtaining. Consider that having more pages in a journal does not always imply the best option. 

The more pages in a notebook, the bigger or fatter it becomes. Therefore, if you want a pad that you can carry in your backpack, choose the one with fewer leaves.

Weight of the Paper

When using a ballpoint pen, for example, a heavy or thick sheet is often linked with higher quality paper, resulting in less show-through. In addition, the ounces per metre cubed or suppliers frequently state a notebook. But this is only available if the maker provides the notebook.

Paper density determines its quality; however, thicker isn’t always better. If you’re interested, go to a bookshop and practice writing with the pens you’ll use most frequently. 

Several people enjoy various paper qualities, which are difficult to quantify. Unless you’re writing with a ballpoint pen, some journals offered will generally have a sharpness that you probably enjoy.


There are many different sizes and styles of notebooks produced. There are many widely known sizes; however, they vary slightly. Some retailers offer specific sizing options. In a notebook description and label, suppliers provide the nearest size to the regular size, such as A5, and the dimension in centimetres. 

Before purchasing, double-check the measurements and use a ruler to see the size.


After you’ve decided on a size, you’ll need to consider binding, which is also the process of joining pieces of paper into a journal. There are various distinct types of bindings, and some are more common with specific pad sizes. Wallet journals, for example, are frequently bound using staples. In Letter-sized pads, spiral rings are far more popular.

Page Layout & Rulings

There are a lot of rulings in journals. Notebooks with various directives are standard these days. The most crucial rules can be found in the product label, name, or specs. 

The most prevalent type of decision is the line ruling. Most postal designers utilise a 7 mm rule as the baseline. 8 mm ruling is used in exercise notebooks. Also, remember that they come in various styles, including simple, dot grid, and matrix.

There are a lot of notebooks that you can find on the market. Some notebooks come with lots of features for ease and comfort of writing. Therefore, these kinds of journals are beneficial for those who love to write.

Thus, you should pick one that meets your expectations, preferences, and desired style.


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