What the Heck Is Harvest Finance Crypto Coin?


The crypto coin market is booming. Bitcoin is up 500% since last year and the total cryptocurrency market cap is around $200 billion, flooding with new coins.

Harvest Finance Crypto Coin (HTFCC) launched on January 3rd 2018 after a successful private pre-sale. Harvest finance crypto price prediction 2021 goes against many other ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in that instead of promising a massively large return on investment in a multi-year timeframe, it will pay out regular dividends in fiat currency for those who purchase their tokens now: 100% interest per year or 12% compounded quarterly.

1. What is the underlying business model of HTFCC?

Over the next decade, peer-to-peer lending will grow to be a multi-trillion dollar industry and digital currency, blockchain technology and smart contracts will transform peer-to-peer lending into a global marketplace.

The annualized gross return for HTFCC’s DSC Affiliate Program is projected to be 20% per year or 2% compounded monthly. The total market cap of all digital currencies is now $200 billion USD. The DSC Affiliate Program has been assigned the role of distributing 5% of all newly issued tokens to users who actively refer other people to purchase tokens. This means that for each 1 HTFCF sold, 0.


2. How does HTFCC work and what are the details?

HTFCC tokens that are held for 12 months by DSC Affiliates will be paid out as dividends to DSC Affiliates every quarter. Additionally, 5% of any new HTFCC issued will be distributed to DSC Affiliates who actively refer other people to purchase HTFCF tokens. In addition, long-term investors will maintain a 15% interest rate with a 12 month lock-up after they purchase coins.

3. How much of the $200 million USD market cap is available for dividends?

82% or $151 million USD is available for distribution as dividends annually or 35% quarterly. The DSC Affiliate Program is projected to be responsible for 5% of the new tokens issued, approximately $10 million USD annually.

4. How do you secure your website and prevent hacks?

HTFCC’s website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, an industry standard method for securing Internet transmissions. HTFCC primarily uses a third party security consultant to ensure the security of the site and all of its data.

HTFCC uses 3-Factor Authentication to protect users against any unauthorized access attempts. During the initial launch period, there will be daily or weekly updates to the site giving users up-to-date information on how their funds are being distributed to companies who have been accepted into the program.

5. Do I need CRYPTOcurrency to utilize my HTFCC investments?

No, it is possible for users who are not familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency (called non-crypto-currency users or traders) to take advantage of the DSC Affiliate Program.

6. Do you accept fiat currencies such as USD, GAS and EURO?

HTFCC will use Euros, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen as the calculation currencies during the first quarter of 2018. All other currencies will be available at a later date.

7. Where do the coins come from to pay out dividends?

The development of the DSC Affiliate Program will be completely transparent and, for our participating companies, will be audited annually by industry professionals.

8. How much of your profits do you keep for yourself and how much does the DSC Affiliate Program receive?

The DSC Affiliate Program is a nonprofit organization that takes a share of all profits. Therefore there is no cut for HTFCF in any dividends paid out. For example, if you own 25 HTFCC tokens, you would receive 0.25% annual interest or $5 per year based on your investment amount.

9. What safeguards and regulations are in place to prevent fraud?

HTFCC is a decentralized network of independent nodes. This ensures that there is no central authority which can be corrupted or be subject to external influence. The HTFCF Affiliate Program is an independent entity and has no direct affiliation with HTFCC beyond the partnership agreement. There are several additional levels of safety in place including password-protected systems, firewall protection, antivirus software and backup provisions guaranteeing the continuity of services for HTFCC users.

10. How do I find out more about Harvest Finance Crypto Coin (HTFCC)?

Website: https://harvestfinance.io/en/home  coins are sold individually. By grouping them together, you will have to pay 100% of the price for each coin regardless of the price they sell individually.


HTFCC is an interesting initiative in which you can invest in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platforms, as well as receive interest on your investment for a 12 month period. This will appeal to those with a medium term view of where the cryptocurrency market is heading towards, and with an appetite for risk. With 100 different digital currencies out there today, it is impossible for investors to determine which ones will turn out to be profitable. For example, dogecoin has taken off in recent months due to its growing popularity, but this was not the case when it was first launched. It makes perfect sense to invest at the beginning of what could potentially become a multi-billion dollar asset class that transforms how we borrow and lend money. You can choose to purchase HTFCC tokens in bulk, or individually, at your own pace and risk profile. The best way to purchase HTFCC tokens is through one of our Exchanges. 


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