What happened to Paul gautschi?


Paul Gautschi died on July 3rd, 2017 jumping off the Schuylkill River Bridge. Paul was a computer science major at Penn State and planned to attend University of Pennsylvania for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. 

He graduated from Penn State with a Bachelors and Masters and had over $120,000 dollars in scholarships. 

His life was full of promise, he sang in the university choir, played guitar as lead singer of The Courageous Few, and worked as an intern for Jerry.com.

He was the entertainer at a summer camp that he went to as a child and he went back several times to host night time talent shows. 


He sang, danced, and played guitar for the campers using his original music. 

He spoke several languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French and English. He loved traveling to new places and meeting new people to practice his different languages. 

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He also had a passion for helping others even when it meant going out of his way or spending more time than expected. 

Here are some points discussed about what happened to paul gautschi-

1. What were the chemicals found in his system? 

According to the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office, Paul had fentanyl, amphetamine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines (such as Xanax), nordiazepam (found in Valium), marijuana and alcohol in his system. 

The official cause of death is suicide by jumping off the Schuylkill River Bridge with intent to die. 

2. What were his last hours like? 

The final hours of Paul’s life were spent with friends who brought him home to change out of his wet clothes into dry ones. 

A friend stated that they listened to music, talked and prayed for Paul’s mental health. His family says that he was screaming at the top of his lungs and heard him slamming doors. 

3. How was Paul found? 

The police were called and arrived and found Paul on the banks of the Schuylkill River, about to jump off the bridge. 

They tried talking him out of it, but he jumped anyway. He was pronounced dead at 5:27 am by an emergency room doctor on July 3rd, 2017. 

4. Did his death have to happen? 

His family feels that he could have received treatment, instead of ending it all. 

They were not aware of his drug problem and say that he had never used illegal drugs before the end of his life. 

They would like to spread awareness about the dangers of prescription pills and narcotics. 

5. What is fentanyl? 

Fentanyl is a strong painkiller prescribed for patients with chronic pain, even though there are stronger ones available. 

It is commonly used as a substitute for heroin because it’s cheaper and can be deadly depending on how much you use. 

Paul had 14 times more fentanyl than the normal dose found in medicine, causing his death. 

6. Why did he do it?

Paul’s parents say that he made the decision to jump because he was sick and wanted to die. They believe that if they had known about his prescription pill problem, they could have saved him. 

The family is also asking for Justice for Paul, so that no other family has to go through an experience like they did. 

The Philadelphia Police Department and the medical professionals who cared for Paul are being held accountable. 

7. What is happening now? 

Paul’s family is working together with a group of advocates to spread awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs and narcotics. Paul’s case is being handled by the Philadelphia Justice Project on behalf of his parents. 

The family hopes that the justice system will be transparent with any evidence, involved personnel, and information on Paul so that people can find out what really happened to paul gautschi. 

8. What would Paul want? 

Paul was a lover of life and he enjoyed sharing his love for life with others through his music and dance – but even more than that, he knew how to help someone when they needed it most. Paul Gautschi would want the same for all of us. 

9. How can we prevent this from happening to someone else? 

We can avoid a tragedy by learning about how to identify a drug problem in a loved one and helping them get the treatment that they need. 

This includes knowing when to ask if their mental health or physical health is in jeopardy, and seeking help immediately when you notice that something may be wrong. 

10. Can Paul Gautschi be saved? 

We do not know, but with prayer and support from others, we hope that he can learn from his experience and grow from it to make better choices in the future. 

May God bless him safe passage into his new life.


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