What does the term ” moodle ins can planas” mean?


The term moodle ins can planas might seem a little silly to an outsider. Moodle is a platform that powers online courses at universities and other professional institutions. 

Moodle’s name comes from the idea of “muddling through” since it was developed by a professor who had to create his own course management system as he developed as an instructor. 

The moodle ins can planas is a reference to the software engineering principle Plan As You Go which means designing the system as you develop it, rather than after project completion. 

Plan As You Go pays off when you have to change the system to meet new needs.


So, if the term moodle ins can planas means anything, it means that there are several basic features that Moodle has that other platforms do not have. 

There are other basic features that Moodle does not have but there are other platforms that do. 

“If” students can choose which platform they want to use for their online courses, the term would be “moodle ins can get good software” or “moodle ins can get a full featured system”.

Here are some points discussed about moodle ins can planas-

1. Moodle can plan features that are not available on any other platforms.

There are several features of Moodle that you cannot get on other platforms. Moodle provides chat, invoicing, an online meal system, an online dropbox for assignments, tutorials and questions at the beginning of the course and generally excellent support for student created tutorials.

2. It includes some basic standards.

Moodle has standards of what you must have in your course to make it available online. You need to make sure your course will be done via audio, video, audio-video editing on your platform. 

In some cases the standards of Moodle have been standardized as standards of educators or institutions, but most importantly as standards for students.

3. Based on a strong open source development model.

The open source development model means that a company develops a product and then allows any company, organization or individual to modify the product without requiring approval from that company. 

So, if you have a bug in your course that you cannot fix yourself, the Moodle staff will help you find a solution. 

4. There is Moodle training available.

Once you register as a teacher, you can contact your local Moodle office and find out about training available to you. The Moodle office is the online presence for Moodle in your nation. 

5. It’s a complete system with an excellent track record.

If a system is a good fit for your institution it will work, if not there are many other systems that have features that work for different types of institutions or instructors. 

If you have questions, the Moodle community is always ready to help with answers and ideas.

6. It has an organization that supports the community it supports.

Moodle has the Open Source Consortium which is a non-profit organization dedicated to open source software development.  

Many Moodle users have access to Moodle on demand or through their school, so they can choose how to get started with Moodle based on what they have access to. 

If you have access to Moodle through your school, the OSSC has a very good track record of working with instructors to help build an online course.

7. It was developed by a university professor.

Moodle is developed by Moodle Pty Ltd which is a subsidiary of Moodle Inc. The OSSC and Moodle Inc work together and many people think that sometimes it looks like the OSSC and the university side are fighting for control of Moodle, but that is not true. 

8. It’s a great place to work.

Moodle has a large number of employees based in Australia, but it is developing offices all over the world to support its users. 

Companies that develop Moodle have been recognized as being good to work for and have been nominated for awards by their employees. 

9. It has a good reputation for supporting instructors and students.

Moodle has a very strong reputation for supporting instructors and students who want to use Moodle as a platform for online learning.

10. It’s used in more than 100 countries all over the world.

In fact, Moodle is the most popular platform used for online learning in Australia and it is also very popular in South America. 

In many countries Moodle is used in partnership with other platforms that specialize in specific types of training, such as training in computer programming or training for people who want to be journalists. 


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