What does it take to qualify for a PEP?


Working in another country has become a trend for more than a century now. That is because most of the time, the job opportunities in our own home country are not enough. It is either there are limited opportunities or the pay isn’t enough to cover your bills and achieve your goals. Foreigners tend to seek better job opportunities in rich countries like Singapore. If you are looking to work in Singapore, you need an employment visa like the personalised employment pass Singapore visa.

Personalised employment pass Singapore visa

The personalised employment pass is a professional employment visa that has the most flexibility of all the work visas. Both the E Pass and the S Pass are tied to a single employer. This means that you have to re-apply for the pass if you wish to change employers. However, a PEP only requires the employment visa holder to notify the Ministry of Manpower for employment changes. However, what makes this work visa hard to get is its qualification requirements. In this article, we will cover what it takes to get qualified for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa.

Become a professional

As stated earlier, the personalised employment pass Singapore visa or PEP is a professional visa. This means that this employment visa is applicable for candidates who are in the professional field. These applicants are high-skilled workers in their home countries. They usually have completed college or have taken their master’s or doctorate degrees. 

An example of a professional that can be eligible for the PEP is a corporate director or high-management officer. Licensure professionals like professors, doctors, lawyers, and engineers are considered professionals and are eligible for the PEP. Thus, if you fall into the category of these professionals, then, you are eligible to be a PEP holder.


Become an E Pass employment visa holder

Aside from being a professional, another way for you to be considered for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa is by being an E Pass holder. The E Pass is another professional employment visa in Singapore. If you are an existing E Pass holder, you can apply for the PEP even before your current work visa expires.

However, not all E Pass holders can become a PEP holder. That is because there are E Pass holders that are not eligible for this visa. The most notable exception is those who got an E Pass under a sponsorship scheme. Furthermore, low-earning E Pass holders will not be eligible for the PEP which leads us to the next PEP qualification.

Earn a high salary

The main reason why it is difficult to get a PEP in Singapore is because of the high salary qualifications. An E Pass holder, in particular, must be earning a monthly income of SG$12,000. While a first-time professional from overseas needs to be earning SG$18,000 to qualify. 

These high salaries are what disqualifies a lot of aspiring personalised employment pass Singapore applicants. That is because their previous salaries cannot match the amount for qualifications. That is why those from rich countries are likely to pass for the PEP rather than those from developing countries since the value of their currency can match up with that of Singapore. However, if your current pay as a professional can be at par with the qualification, then you should definitely aim to apply for the PEP.

Remain employed

To become a PEP employment visa holder, being employed is important. However, it is not necessary that you have a definite job when you apply for the PEP. That is because the PEP is not tied to an employer. However, there is a higher chance that you can maintain your PEP status if you already have a job waiting for you in Singapore. That is because you are only permitted to be unemployed in Singapore for six months. After six months, if you are still not employed, you will have to cancel your PEP visa.

There is an annual salary requirement for personalised employment pass Singapore holders. That is a minimum of SG$144,000 a year. This is no small amount so it is best you look for a job that will allow you to meet that requirement before you go under the PEP application process.

The personalised employment pass Singapore visa may have stringent qualifications but they still provide great benefits to the holders. Aside from a guaranteed high pay, PEP holders can apply for passes for their direct family members so they can come and live in Singapore


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