What Can You Do With Coco Glucoside? Hair Care Guide.

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There are hundreds of different ingredients you can use in shampoos and conditioners, but if you want to create a truly beneficial product that is not only natural and safe, but effective as well, you should narrow your list down to the highest quality ingredients on the market. 

One common all-natural ingredient used in shampoos these days is coco glucoside. This foaming agent and surfactant is derived from coconut and fruit sugars and is completely biodegradable. Unlike many older chemical components of shampoos, this surfactant is part of a new wave of ingredients that is rising to popularity because it can be safely used for vegan and natural botanical products that care about our well-being and the environment. 

So what can you do with this natural foaming agent? Let’s take a quick look at this amazing ingredient and why you will want to stock up on it if you are interested in crafting your own shampoos and other hair care items. 

Taking Care of Your Hair With Natural Products 

Just like any part of our body, our hair requires certain care in order to stay strong and healthy. There’s a huge difference between merely “cleaning” your hair and providing it with the right nutrients and substances in order to keep it shiny and lush. 


In terms of a hair care product that is both a helpful cleansing agent and potentially beneficial in terms of plant-based nutrients, coco glucoside has what you are looking for. In terms of its practical use as a surfactant, it certainly gets the job done and stacks up well against many other kinds of ingredients that are typically used in shampoos and conditioners for this purpose. 

A surfactant is simply any substance that helps reduce surface tension between two compounds. In other words, it is an ingredient that helps a formula come together, in its most basic terms. Many surfactants also have secondary traits such as softening or foaming capabilities, which is exactly what makes this natural surfactant so useful in particular. 

However, there is even more reason to use coco glucoside than its role as a surfactant. This substance is actually recognized as a gentle, natural cleanser. It will help unwanted dirt particles to merge with the lather of your shampoo so they can easily be rinsed away. This is done in a gentle and natural fashion that doesn’t irritate the scalp. 

One of the main reasons why this ingredient is taking off in usage is for its gentle nature. Unlike chemical surfactants and other artificial ingredients, it’s so gentle that it can even be used in baby products. Whether you are crafting your own shampoo, body washes, bath gels, or other kinds of foaming bath products, this ingredient is one that you should take note of for its combination of effectiveness and beneficial effects for maintaining healthy skin and hair. 

Where Can You Get High-Quality Surfactants For Your Projects?

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