What all you need to know to prepare for the class 6 maths Olympiad


Class 6 Olympiad examinations serve as a foundation for competitive tests. It is essential that parents provide their children with a solid foundation in the form of these tests. In comparison to prior classes, students in class 6 are expected to solve a greater number of problems. The time restriction, however, stays the same at 65 minutes. Each student is given 50 questions divided into three portions. The first portion is the subjective pattern, which contains 30 questions, part two is the High Order Thinking portion, also known as the HOT section, which contains 5 questions, and the third section is the logic and reasoning section, which contains 15 questions.

Most of us have walked out of an examination hall thinking, “Oh, I knew the solution to that problem, but due to time constraints, I skipped it!” or ‘well, I was all set to write additional sentences for that question, but I ran out of time since I spent so much time on the last one!’ Such incidents occur throughout our student life, whether we are in primary school or preparing for the NEET exam. To avoid all these things the following are all of the vital secrets to prepare for the class 6 Olympiad test.

  1. Choose which Olympiads to compete in: In an academic year, there are six SOF Olympiads, as previously indicated. As a result, you should pick ahead of time which Olympiads you wish to compete in based on your area of interest. Academic Excellence Award is given to students who participate in all Olympiads and get merit places. As a result, you should think about competing in all six Olympiads.
  1. Keep hold of your syllabus: The second step is to locate the whole material for a certain Olympiad test type that corresponds to your grade. The test content will be based on the school curriculum established by the individual organizations. As a result, for an aspirant, clarifying the ideas about the syllabus will be a top concern.
  1. Make a detailed schedule and stick to it: Designing a timetable is the third stage that you must know for Olympiad preparation. Only the most successful people make a schedule and stick to it. They create their hard work routine more concentrated and productive. In this situation, you’ll also need to make a schedule so that you can finish your schoolwork and sit for the Olympiad tests in 2020. All you have to do is maintain a healthy level of balance in all aspects of your life. You must concentrate and devote time to the Olympiad preparation in addition to the school test.
  1. Start with Known Questions: It’s usually advisable to start with something you’re familiar with in order to maintain your confidence and give your paper a great start. Once you have a good handle on the question paper, you may start strategically dividing your time. You must allocate time to each question wisely depending on its relevance.
  1. Keep yourself energetic and at ease: When you’re taking a sample Olympiad test, make it a habit to stay fresh and calm. Also, Look for a peaceful area where you won’t be disturbed. This may be a library, a cafĂ©, a room in your home, or someplace else where there isn’t a lot of noise or distractions. Avoid going to areas where you could meet with your buddies. You may train your brain to resist worrying and to handle all of the hard questions during the exam the above way.
  1. Sample papers must be solved:  Make sure you practise as often as possible once you’ve completed the full curriculum. Solve simulated examinations and previous year papers to evaluate your performance and identify areas where you might improve. You also get a good concept of the exam structure and the topics that are the most important. As a result, you should solve sample problems on a frequent basis to stay motivated throughout your exam preparations. These Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 6 Maths 2013 will help anybody for better preparation for Olympiad. 
  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Your concentration, potential, and performance are all affected by poor health. As a result, it’s critical that you be physically and mentally fit. When it comes to staying active, a well-balanced diet is essential. Also. take frequent brief rests to rejuvenate your thoughts. These breaks are critical for recharging your batteries and relaxing your mind in preparation for another study session. Furthermore, it is vital to work out and meditate in order to boost your memory. Make sure you exercise every day to keep your brain healthy and get enough sleep to recharge your batteries.
  1. Practice more questions: Even after knowing the exact right answers, it has been noticed that the majority of children are unable to perform well on the exam. So, make sure you rehearse a lot of questions so you can answer them quickly. With this, you will be able to attempt the exam properly and finish it on time.
  1. Organize your time: When it comes to studying for Olympiad exams, one of the most important things to remember is to manage your time. While studying for your exams, you must strike a balance between academics and other activities, such as relaxation, sleep, eating, and studying the school syllabus etc. You will never finish your syllabus on time, no matter how much work you put into studying for the examinations if you do not know how to manage your time effectively. As a result, be sure you learn to efficiently adjust your time in order to excel in your exams.
  1. Take the Chance and Suppose: Take the Chance and Suppose: One of the nicest things about an Olympiad test paper is that it does not have any negative marks. So, you may certainly take a guess and tackle questions about which you are unsure. It might turn out to be the correct answer, and if it doesn’t, you’ve got nothing to lose.


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