How Video E Learning Platform Works


The success of the latest organizations depends on how fast their clients may learn new expertise and immerse the information. And while there are so many online sources that help in training and establishment at working areas, not each of them is made the same.

Video E-learning platforms description

Video E learning platforms are Internet-based services that may be used to share organized training courses and materials with unlimited viewers. 

Now, let’s see some of the most famous e-learning platforms and their key differences.

While there are many contradicting definitions of e-learning platforms, for the motive of this article, we will keep the following-


1. VdoCipher video platform gives video hosting for each size and kind of online course company or agency. It permits you to stream e-learning videos on your course website or course app most safely and flexibly. Some of the key features, for instance – the highest level of protection from video theft throughout watermarking technologies, Hollywood Grade DRM encryption, and the most flexible video streaming at low connections because of improved encryption at minor sizes. VdoCipher partners with Google to give Netflix type DRM encoding protection and packets of AWS cloud infrastructure 

2. Vimeo

Vimeo provides robust video hosting but normally concentrates on creatives, Instead of the knowledgeable or eLearning market area. You receive an excellent collaboration for allocating your online video courses. It is one of the most essential video streaming platforms that provide both- streaming and video hosting services. You may also get an investigation, privacy controls, a video management platform, and more.

You should buy a premium plan if you are searching for accession to fundamental live streaming performance. It also provides a huge variety of possessor software and hardware for live streaming. It does not keep advertisements and its personalized video install makes it a great decision.

3. Panopto

Panopto is a video hosting platform for online courses that provides colleges and businesses all over the world. You find a devoted video source for getting knowledge and concentrating on streaming video courses for your business, company, and university. Panopto explains itself as a platform for executing purposes, recording, live streaming, and sharing online video content.

It is liked by businesses, agencies, and colleges who are finding an easy, trustworthy solution for supervising, streaming, and video recordings. 

4. Kaltura

Kaltura has a custom-made video hosting source for e-learning course makers and educators. Performances involve the capability to make videos and publish them instantly to your post, essentially arrange, and see the tracking details of your video content. The platform provides some key features such as video arrangement, social sharing, mobile and tablet delivery, monetization, and more.

It is business concentrated ( not small and medium business-friendly) but provides a huge range of solutions for social media, education, and marketing of businesses.

5. Thinkific

Thinkific is a course platform that allows you to sell your e-learning video courses online. You get here all the things one may ask for making an online education agency with an easy-to-handle intersection to develop courses. It provides a complete-featured software solution to support you to make, deliver, marketing, and selling courses online. You have to select from deliberated templates like- a mini-course, flagship course, digital install, webinar replay, etc. 

6. Teachable

Teachable is an online teaching source to provide daily trainers & tutors. It provides a simple and easy solution for uploading content, revising your online school, and connecting with your students so efficiently. It is one of the best online learning platforms available for selling your course.

The online platform allows you to personalize the feel and image of your online course for the best user experience. The great part is their course developers agree for documents from Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, etc. You may select for selling courses as a freestanding product or in packages. 

7. Kajabi

Kajabi is an online platform that gives devices for selling digital products, like- online courses. It is an expert in developing landing pages, webinar pages, high-converting sales pages, and releasing your advertisement campaigns for your online business purpose.

It is defined as “the one system that allows you to market, deliver and sell your skill online.” Along with the courses, you may also sell training portals, memberships, file installations, and other digital supplements you may put forward.

8. Proctur

Proctur is an Ed-tech company that is an explorer in computerized educational institutes. It gives end-to-end modifications solutions to permit educational organizations to sell e-learning videos online, perform online exams and arrange the tuition institutes.

It provides key features such as investigation management, admission management, fees management, devices to perform online exams, etc. 

9. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is a strong WordPress plugin that creates it easy and simple to make, sell, and protect encouraging online courses and learning-based membership sites. LifterLMS supports you in building online courses from a single screen with the instinctive hyperbase drag and drop course developer. You may also make energetic multichannel quizzes to prop up training.

10. LearnPress

LearnPress is one of the most famous WordPress LMS plugins. It provides a free upgrade with each important feature and you may receive another add-on at an extra cost depending on your choice and its use on your site. It is so simple and easy to use with a friendly articulation and it needs minimum endeavors for its system.


WPLMS is one of the best social training management systems for WordPress. It makes it so simple and easy to create and then sell online courses, permits you to work and coordinate with other advisors within a group and get commissions. It also provides some key features for instance activity tracking,  course management, course directories, etc.

12. LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the superior WordPress LMS plugins in the stock. It permits you to create, promote, and sell online courses. Recently, it is used by Fortune 500 companies and reputable universities. Out of its best features- its rate and its drag-and-drop course developer that creates the procedure, of course, making it easy, simple and entertaining.


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