Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for any Occasion


Finding That Ace-in-the-Hole Gift

A gift is a gift, but a thoughtful unique gift is a game-changer. Everybody has periods in life where a gift will cheer them up. Everyone has periods in life where they need to be knocked down a peg with a joke gift. Gifts serve a lot of purposes; they make alliances, they start friendships, they preserve relationships, and they send messages.

Perhaps it’s the extensive potential that inheres to gifts that shows why they need to be unique and thoughtful. The more unique a gift is, the better it tends to be, regardless of the occasion. Here are some cool and unique gifts to help stimulate your imagination. We’ll cover some similar options here you might want to think about.

1. A Scavenger Hunt

This is one that’s so much more fun than many realize. It’s almost a lost art. You can have the scavenger hunt include a little gift with each clue or simply direct people to different clues that are bringing someone to a very big gift. You can use poems, you can use puzzles, you can use equations; you can shroud the clues any way you like.

A scavenger hunt can be used for situations where there’s been a loss, or where there’s a birthday coming up; you might even use a scavenger hunt to make a wedding proposal. You can use this anywhere. It’s certainly more of a form of “presentation” than it is an actual “gift”, but simultaneously, the experience of the hunt is a gift in and of itself, and that’s the real trick.


2. A Piece of Memorabilia Signed by its Creator

Say you’re a kid at a baseball game and some player signs the ball. Well, maybe ten years later you’ve still got the ball, but it wasn’t a very famous player. Still, to another sports enthusiast, that would be something rather interesting. As a gift, it’s a great option. You can play the same game with t-shirts, with CDs, with signed ball caps; whatever makes sense.

A signed book from the author is a fine gift, and these are pretty easy to come by. If you’re in doubt as to the quality of the gift you give, finding something that’s in the preferences of your friend and of higher-than-average quality is a good move. Even if you don’t know what comics they like, a signed or first-edition print will be appreciated.

3. Stock in a Good Company, or Stock Given as a Joke

Similar to signed memorabilia, company stock is a good gift for a variety of situations. If you’re an employer, this is a fine retirement or bonus gift. If you have notable resources, a bit of stock for a young up-and-comer in the family can help teach responsibility. If you don’t have a lot of fun and want to do something funny, you could buy shares of a terrible stock and make a joke out of it.

Finding the Gifts That Are Best

Stock or other assets can be a good gift that’s unique, unexpected, and memorable. The same is true of signed memorabilia, and the way you present a gift is also part of the gift itself—that’s what we can learn from scavenger hunts. At the end of the day, if you’re not sure what else to do, give them something you’d want to receive.


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