Understanding The Background Of Vanoss Gaming


What is Vanoss Gaming?

Vanoss Gaming is a popular website on which players can watch other gamers play video games live. Who runs the company? What are their goals? What are they like? Here’s an overview of this fascinating company, its background, and its current state.

Vanoss gaming has been around since 2009 and it has made its popularity grow over the years with more than 3 million subscribers to their website and 1 billion total views. The new CEO of Vanoss gaming knowledge is Lou Kerner who took over from founder Harris O’Malley in 2014 at the age of 25 when Harris left for health reasons. The company is based in San Francisco and they have over 100 employees.

Vanoss Gaming’s website can be broken down into four main “channels” – the VanossGaming channel, the H2O Delirious channel, the Barrymac11 channel and the Jorrelsladder channel. The vanoss gaming channel features games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG and other titles that are played by people who “Vanoss”. Their most popular gaming streams though are likely to be those of H20 Delirious. The H20 Delirious channel gives viewers a unique view of gaming as he plays with his dog Cooper and occasionally has streaming contests with his fans. Barrymac11 is Delirious’ brother and his channel is a little more serious than the other two. The Jorrelsladder channel features German gamer Jorrel who has been playing on YouTube since 2010.

However, the site really took off when VanossGaming broke away from Twitch to create its own gaming platform so that there are no limits on what videos can be uploaded or streamed, as well as no ads or restrictions.


The company’s subscriber numbers grow steadily every month and it even reached 3 million subscribers in 2017 after building up traction by making its presence felt at several gaming events. VanossGaming has achieved a lot in a short space of time and it looks as though it will continue to grow.

Running the company

Lou Kerner is the CEO of VanossGaming and he was the one who started out uploading gaming content to his channel in 2009, so he certainly has plenty of experience. He is currently working on expanding the site internationally whilst also expanding his own channel at a rapid rate. Lou has received criticism from some fans for being rude to female gamers but this doesn’t seem to be impacting his positive audience reception.

The VanossGaming website as a whole is run by Harris O’Malley who founded it in 2009 after leaving Twitter (he joined Twitter in 2008). Harris is no longer involved in the day to day running of the company though as he has left for health reasons, although he still works on his own channel and on other projects.

The company’s current CEO, Lou Kerner, is only 25 years old but he is already working to expand the business and take it global. The business currently has over 100 employees, making it one of the largest gaming companies in San Francisco.

VanossGaming has received several awards over the years and it even won 2 Streamy Awards in 2016 (People’s Choice and Best Gaming). They have also been nominated for a Streamy Award again in 2017.

The company has been the subject of a lot of praise, particularly from female gamers (of whom they have many fans).

An interesting fact about the VanossGaming website is that it has featured on several gaming and tech news sites over the years because it is one of few websites that can broadcast live games and other gaming events.

The company’s future

When Harris O’Malley left the company, Lou Kerner took over as CEO at a young age. This was a huge opportunity for him to take on and he seems determined to sustain and improve upon Harris’ legacy. Harris’ departure was a major loss for the company as it caused a lot of fans to feel uneasy about the future of VanossGaming. However, Lou is already proving he has what it takes to ensure that VanossGaming continues to grow, with 2 million subscribers and 1 billion views. He plans to expand into Japan and China and is looking at other options for filming such as using drones.

The main goal of VanossGaming is to make gaming more accessible to people from all backgrounds but also from schools and communities where this would not be possible. They do this by breaking down barriers and embracing other cultures.

As well as continuing to improve the quality of their videos and streams, the company will also focus on improving their site and building a bigger fan base. They already have over 3 million fans to their main YouTube channel VANOSS GAMING and they are likely to gain hundreds of thousands of new subscribers in 2018 as they continue to grow.

Who uses VanossGaming and why is it popular?

VanossGaming is used primarily by younger people (predominantly teenage boys) who like gaming. The popularity of H20 Delirious is no surprise given that he plays video games with his dog Cooper.

What do they do?

VanossGaming specializes in hosting live gaming videos. You can view these live videos on their website, which is completely free to use and has built up a large following recently across several different social media platforms.

VanossGaming allows users to register for free and submit gaming videos, as well as participate in conversations about the site’s various channels. Gaming fans from all over the world can watch VanossGaming’s top gamers play different types of video games, including Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends and many more.


VanossGaming is one of the fastest growing Twitch alternatives. It has a huge audience across several media platforms and it was founded by a great entrepreneur who has proven himself to be extremely determined, as evidenced by his work ethic. VanossGaming has already earned itself a lot of fans due to the unique nature of its content and the personalities of its streamers. The fact that it is completely free to stream videos on its website means that it is likely to attract a great many more users in 2018. All wild animals have been removed from this article thanks to YouTube’s new policy on animal imagery . 


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