Traveling In Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico Can Be Amazing If You Do Follow These Rules


When you think about it, the stars and moon are like a glowing gem hanging in the sky. And if you’re thinking about visiting someplace with these gems to get a better view, then Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico is for you. Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico best time to go 2021 is essential to visit. If you are interested in this place, then you should read the following article.

When we think of stargazing and observing the stars, we usually do it through several means. We can observe them through our optical instruments that looks at distant stars and galaxies using a telescope or an instrument called binoculars. We can look at the night sky through a telescope. We can also see them through our eyes by looking in a constellation or planetarium. If you cannot see the stars from your town or country, then you might be in a good place to go sightseeing as there are plenty of places that offer marvelous stargazing and astronomical sights for visitors.

What makes this bay different from other bays in terms of light pollution is that it is a bioluminescent bay – meaning that there’s no light pollution at all! The bay’s natural luminescence can be seen up to 30 miles away on clear nights, and rightfully so. The area gives off an amazing spellbinding performance full of glittering lights that contrasts beautifully with its starry background.

Traveling In Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico Can Be Amazing If You Do Follow These Rules :


1. Plan a Visit during the December to May Season

The best time to go sightseeing in Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico is during the December to May season. This is because this is the winter and summer season here in this part of the globe. Also, the bioluminescence activity here can be observed at its best during this time of year. In fact, up to 5 million fireflies light up this place with their blue-green bioluminescent lights every night that surrounds you as you enter the waters of the bay at night. For those who are unfamiliar with fireflies or lightning bugs as they are more popularly known in some parts of North America, they are insects found mostly in Asia and America.

2. Nighttime Activities are the Main Event in Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico

The land and waters of the bay are alive with bioluminescent marine life. But not all of these fireflies flash open and shut every night. There’s a high probability that on your first visit, you will not see them as they are dormant. Plan a trip to this bioluminescent bay at least two to three times before you get to witness the spectacular light show of millions of fireflies in action after sunset. If you want to enjoy something more than what is stated above, then make sure you do follow some rules.

The first rule that you should follow is not to swim in Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico after sunset. There is an extensive network of glowing fluorescent rocks in the water that are full of larvae. If you come too close to these rocks with your feet, then you will disturb the eggs and larvae and therefore ruin the next night’s colorful spectacle.

Another rule that you should follow is that if you are in Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico at night, then be careful when walking around because some holes along the shore can cover themselves with a mysterious glow within seconds after dark. The glow grows as it gets darker, so be careful when walking along the shore during nighttime while wearing dark clothes.

3. Make sure you Pick the Best Tour Option

Since Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico is located about 20 miles east of Fajardo and about 2 hours’ drive from San Juan, it is recommended that you pick a tour option that will take you to this place. There are two types of tours that you can choose from, ferry tour or boat tour. For those who want to enjoy some more than just a visit to Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico, then they can combine their visit with some other sites in the area like Camuy River Caves National Park and Arecibo Observatory.

4. Dress Appropriately for a Nighttime Tour

The other thing that you should consider is what you are going to wear. If you want to enjoy nighttime activities in Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico, then the following things that you should do are very essential.

Make sure that your clothes are not dark in color. You will be better off wearing white or some bright colors like yellow and red, blue and green etc.

Never wear clothing with synthetic fibers because they will not emit light. Synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon etc. will ruin your glowing experience by absorbing light from the bioluminescent fireflies.


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