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You’ve probably already discovered the magic of Reddit, as it’s an incredibly useful platform to discover new and interesting news as well as trends. 

But the internet-enabled forum is also a gold mine for those interested in learning more about different topics. 

While on Reddit, you’ll often see some of the closest minds on the internet discussing and debating various topics. 

Often, these discussions will feature some of the top minds on Reddit and they can be really brilliant.


The following list of posts curated by reddit users who take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge is a perfect tip-off into what their favorite subjects are! 

Here are the best posts from the reddit top minds

1. A Guide to LSD Microdosing

LSD microdosing has long been a staple of the psychonaut community, with many users enjoying this method for its reported productivity boosting effects. 

This post by user ‘void_insert’ is an extremely informative guide to LSD’s potential for treating mental health issues, as well as how it can be used properly to boost productivity and creativity without disrupting everyday life. 

2. Stating the Obvious: A Guide to Being More Assertive

User ‘rockatansky forever’ offers a great piece of advice for those who have a hard time communicating their needs. 

This post features a video by Sam Harris from his seventh podcast, which guides listeners toward better understanding their own motivations and desires as well as those of others. 

3. Things You Can Learn From Philosophy

Even though it can seem a bit daunting at first, philosophy is arguably one of the most useful subjects to study. 

This post by user ‘so_tired_of_this’ is a great resource for those who want to learn more about this subject, featuring several useful links about the topic as well as an interesting collaboration between philosopher Alain de Botton and cartoonist Matthew Fox. 

4. The Art of Meaningful Conversation

There’s nothing worse than having to engage in small talk with someone you don’t really care for, but if you want to take your game up a notch it’s best to be prepared beforehand. 

This piece by user ‘kryonaut’ offers some great tips on how to keep any conversation engaging and exciting for both parties involved. 

5. How to Identify a Fake News Article

This guide by ‘the_truthseeker101’ provides a helpful checklist to use when you come across articles that have been submitted by a source that seems fishy.

It’s a great way of being able to spot fake news sources and avoid being taken in by their lies or biased opinions. 

6. Are You a Narcissist? A Self-Test for Narcissism

Everyone has their flaws, but it can be difficult to accept them as faults if you have been raised around narcissistic personalities. 

This piece by user ‘weezie7085’ is a useful quiz that may help you to identify narcissistic tendencies, and provide a better understanding of whether or not you’re able to cope with these traits. 

7. How To Make A Self-Improvement Plan

Instead of having the habits and routines that we’ve found comfortable and beneficial lead us forward in life, we often shift our focus to pursuing new goals or ambitions. 

This post by user ‘myfaithrests’ is an excellent way of helping us make plans for ourselves, and paying attention to what we know we want from our lives in order to achieve our goals. 

8. Why Your Life is Unnecessary

Television and films often portray life as a race against time, with characters making sacrifices and battling their way through obstacles for the sake of their wellbeing. 

However, user ‘zohavoc’ points out that these films often neglect to integrate personal growth and happiness into their narratives, and suggests that we should focus on embracing our own happiness rather than the benefits that we might gain from other people or developments in society. 

9. Why You Shouldn’t Be So Self-Conscious About Weight Loss

Many people struggle to accept themselves for who they are: “The world’s most beautiful ones,” as they say. 

But the more we obsess over our bodies and appearances, the more we become unhappy with them. ‘piet4o’ explores why it’s important to live in the moment and accept our bodies for who they are, instead of allowing ourselves to be consumed by negative thoughts about our body size or shape. 

10. How to Get Your Money Right

As users of Reddit know, there are countless scams out there, designed to steal money from unsuspecting individuals. 

This piece by user ‘wtf_your_problem’ is a comprehensive guide on how you can protect yourself from these scammers, detailing exactly what to look out for when receiving an email that you’re convinced is a scam. 


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