If you are looking for the heaviest baggage for international travel, you have come to the right place, because this guide will take you through all the information you better need to know when buying light air travel baggage.

When buying the best lightweight luggage for international travel, you want to make sure that what you buy is sustainable and still effective, it is simple and able to carry everything you need for travel. You need to consider your size preference, the type of housing (soft or hard), and whether in practice or form is your priority.

We will help you understand the importance of size and weight and many other factors such as wheels and arms. Finally, we will select some rated heavy-weight suitcases from the best suitcases for international travel so that you can find the best one for your international travel.



Travelpro’s Maxlite bag is one of the most practical bags in this guide. While providing a lot of space for your own products, it can also reduce your burden. This 29-inch bag is a soft and versatile suitcase for storing your belongings. There is a large external pocket, and inside the box there is a full-length inner lid pocket, a pocket for storing accessories and an adjustable strap to ensure that everything is fixed in place. It can also be expanded to make room for more items you can purchase during this period.

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Its four round wheels can rotate, and the aluminum lock is in two different places, which can accommodate people of different heights.

Weighing more than 9 pounds, this is a large and lightweight bag suitable for those who need more space, and comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.


It is a simple and easy-to-use protective cover, suitable for travelers looking for high-quality suitcases at an affordable price.

This bag is also perfect for storing your things; it is covered with stickers, partitions and cross strings to make sure everything is done in the right place. In addition to expansion, product quality also applies to situations where they are still able to provide additional protection or only make looms during flight.

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There is a very scratch-resistant grille on the outside of the outer shell of the bag with diamond-shaped edges to ensure that it can resist all friction and tearing caused by site factors. This case is not only more durable, but also looks very beautiful, with 8 colors to choose from, such as aqua, pink, bronze and silver.

Other features include adjustable handlebars, 4 round wheels and TSA locks on the side to provide extra safety when traveling. Although the heavier suitcase used in these reviews weighs just over 10 pounds, it is still light, especially considering it is 28 inches. Made of Samsonite, you know that the quality case you get is also very valuable.


For those who want a repeater that contains all the suitcases, Travelpro’s soft 25-inch suitcase may be behind.

There are many parts to organize your belongings, such as folding bags used to fold clothes when traveling, as well as pocket pockets and adjustable straps to ensure everything is held in place. It has two large pockets with maximum spacer on the top of the bag, if you need more space for some much need thing when traveling, you can expand these pocket and add 2 inches more.

The four letters will appreciate the 4 wheels, and this bag is really easy to walk around the airport sides. It also has a fully adjustable handle that can be placed in 4 different positions, even for the shortest or longest people.

Travelpro Platinum Elite 25" Expandable Spinner – Luggage Pros

This is a bag made of nylon. The inner layer of this luggage is covered with a protective layer to prevent scratches. In addition, you can also use Sandadan on your skin and skin to prevent jiinyeerro that is strong due to damage. The carrier is integrated with the approved TSA, and enjoys a lifetime warranty, even covering the cost of repairing aircraft damage or other luggage life.

This is a beautiful travel bag, available in a different variety of attractive colors, such as maroon and gray, suitable for those looking for high-quality suitcases for international travel.


It is a TSA-approved hard suitcase, ideal for travelers looking for a simple international travel suitcase.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero International Spinner Luggage Hardside

This 25-inch leather suitcase bag called Delsey is a very good suitcase with a lot of storage space inside. It has also two large 2-inch wide pockets that are perfect for storing purchase memories when traveling. The sturdy case also includes two arms on the perfect sides, allowing the case to be carried when needed, for example on a luggage conveyor belt or inside or outside a car.

The case is made of 100% polycarbonate which is very resistant to cracking. For passengers who understand safety, there is a TSA lock on the side, designed to allow the airport to personally open the luggage without damaging the luggage. You will also like how easy it is to move around the airport. Dual rotating wheels and two position capture systems make it surround the air.


The next Samsonite product to enter our list, but certainly not the last one, is Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Hardside. With a special four-wheel function, this case is suitable for any type of travel.

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The fully torn apart interior is engraved with storage options. There is a thin pocket for storing all valuables, three spacious collection bags, a combined wet bag and two complete compartments for additional organized storage

What you love about this beautiful bag is the four wheels. Each of the wheels can move independently, making the movement of the bag on uneven ground a breeze, especially when connected to the vertical rotation performance.

It is sturdy and durable, which can ensure you protect all personal belongings during the journey, which is also good for users. Very suitable place for anyone to travel.


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