Top 5 Teas Which Are Good for the Elderly

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Dark and cold winter seasons require one to be armed with a cozy blanket, a comfortable seat near the fire with some hot tea to give you warmth from the inside out. This is one of the reasons why January is a national hot tea month. This is the best time to sip on some hot tea while braving the cold weather. 

Tea has been a popular beverage since ancient times. With their origin from ancient China, teas were mostly used for medicinal purposes. With a lot of research done on teas, it has been proven to have positive results to improve one’s health. The elderly who drinks tea regularly develop stronger bones, low chances of contracting heart diseases, and low risks of getting diabetes. 

As you warm yourself up during winter, you can adopt a routine where you take a cup of tea daily. Here are some ideas of top teas that the elderly can use to stay healthy and stay warm. 



1. Chamomile tea 

This type of tea is commonly used before you go to bed as it serves as an effective sleep aid. Chamomile tea has been used over the years to reduce anxiety, calm upset stomachs and treat insomnia. The elderly who has a hard time sleeping at night should take a cup of this tea then go to sleep. It acts as a mild sedative and can make them sleep much easier. 

2. Ginger tea 

The elderly persons who experience gastrointestinal issues can try taking ginger tea which is common for digestive relief. This tea stimulates one’s gastric juices that promote healthy digestion. Moreover, it acts as a muscle relaxer in the gastrointestinal tract which reduces symptoms of bloating. 

Elderly people who experience nausea, stomach cramps, constipation or heartburn can try taking a cup of ginger tea before taking meals as it may offer relief. 

3. Green tea 

 It’s known to have health-boosting powers. It has antioxidants that prevent cell damage associated with ageing and cancer development. It is also effective in lowering cholesterol levels, enhancing dental health, increasing bone density and boosting metabolism. The elderly will benefit a lot when they take a cup of green tea daily as it keeps them mobile and healthy while they age. 

4. Rosemary tea 

Many people know rosemary to be a flavoring agent. However, it can also be used as an aromatic or healthy tea. It is beneficial to the elderly people as it comes with many benefits. One of the benefits is that it increases peripheral circulation that helps with blood flow to the brain. Moreover, it also prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Rosemary tea also has an antioxidant named carnosic acid that helps provide brain neurons with protection from dangerous toxins. This tea is a great choice for elderly people that want to boost their cognitive function and fight off neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. 

5. Eucalyptus tea 

Elderly people who experience respiratory issues or asthma should take a cup of this tea daily. Eucalyptus tea contains anti-inflammatory properties as it has eucalyptol which is found in eucalyptus oil. It reduces symptoms related to respiratory diseases. It also helps in dissolving mucus. 

This tea also has antibacterial properties. Elderly people who have flu or cold can take eucalyptus tea to kill the destructive bacteria as it causes infections and strep throat. This tea also helps in lowering blood sugar. Therefore, its effective for elderly people who have diabetes.

Final thoughts 

You can always encourage the elderly people to take any of these teas to live a healthy lifestyle. You can purchase any of the teas in any online tea and coffee shop as most of them offer teas that come with tea bags. You can also find loose leaf tea in any online tea and coffee shop. Be sure to buy jasmine tea bags online for your elderly loved ones to help them live a healthy lifestyle. 


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