Top 3 Qualities to Look for in a Work Associate


The best way to figure out if you want to work with someone is to spend time with them. Consider these three qualities listed by  as a guide for judging the character of people you may be working with or considering for a job opportunity.


This is absolutely necessary in order for an employee or business associate to succeed. If they are not dependable, it will be impossible to build anything together. Trustworthiness is one of the highest compliments you can pay someone.


There is so much competition in business, it is important to be encouraging and kind to everyone along the way. Success often comes down to doing small random acts of kindness for others (and even your competitors). A kind person will catch on quickly that this is what it takes to succeed in business.

If you are looking to hire or partner with anyone, make sure to look at these three qualities in the candidate. These are important factors in building business relationships, but it’s even more important to take care of yourself. This is the best way to keep everyone together.


I think often successful people get the job because they are very good at work itself – they know how to do their jobs well, they get along well with people and they communicate effectively. But I think far more important than these things are the character qualities that you can’t really measure.

Hire or partner with anyone

I think you can’t put a dollar figure on how much someone is worth to you in terms of their value to the company you work for. But when people leave your company, what matters most is not how much they made or how much they cost, but whether or not they added anything to the organization in terms of their character and relationship with people.

A lot of people’s biggest problem at work is that they’re missing something essential in building relationships with one another – especially at higher levels of management where there are multi-faceted relationships between individuals which require bridging differences (rather than dealing with simple tasks). I’m talking about the 3 Big C’s: Character, Compassion and Courage.

The other day I was thinking about how someone could be a successful manager and leader and I came up with these three:

1) Compassion 

Without compassion, you won’t really get very far because you’ll be uncomfortable around others. You won’t know how to deal with people who are behaving badly or confronting issues in the workplace. You will always feel like there is something missing from your career advancement because you haven’t been able to effectively build relationships with the team members around you. People will complain about having to work with you instead of feeling connected or connected enough to achieve great things together. A lack of compassion will prevent you from appreciating others or developing relationships.

2) Courage 

Without courage, people won’t be able to take the risks to do their own thing and do things differently than they would have done it before. They’ll always feel like they are jumping into something that’s new and uncertain rather than looking at things that are tried and true with confidence. You will never be able to develop relationships with others because you won’t have the courage to look beyond your own comfort zone. People will never commit themselves fully to the relationship because they are always looking for more certainty or security in their work or career. A lack of courage means people are not being innovative enough with ideas – thinking outside the box.

3) Character 

Without character, you can’t build a reputation or develop a reputation as an effective leader. You won’t be able to change how people do things or deal with issues. People will not feel comfortable asking you for help because they feel they have to “screw” you over first to get help from you first. You won’t be able to build strong relationships with others or hold on strongly to the team’s goals and dreams together. A lack of character means that people will not support one another and fight against the common enemy of mediocrity instead of supporting each other in their current situation. A lack of character means that people won’t have the courage to take risks with their ideas and new ways of doing things.

I think these qualities are ultimately what it comes down to. You can’t really put a dollar figure on how valuable or valuable someone is to the company you work for. The only way you know this for sure is by observing their behavior around other people, how they build relationships with them, and their results – which are always the most important things. It’s an intangible value that can’t really be measured or counted.

If you find yourself working with someone who has all of these qualities, they will be a treasure in your life and in your business. They will help you and others succeed and grow together. They will be good company.


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