This Jeep Light Bar Stands Out in the Crowd.


Jeep light bars are not some exclusive commodity that no one can get their hands on. In fact, light bars are some of the most common forms of auxiliary lighting in the industry. So, while it isn’t hard to get your hands on a light bar, even one specifically made for your Jeep, it is hard to get one that comes with the following features.

How about a Jeep light bar that is compatible with CAD designed brackets and mounts that require no cutting or drilling or otherwise difficult, arduous alterations to your Jeep? What if that same light bar mount were built in such a way that it cut down on feedback from the wind? What if it gave your Jeep an OEM style look while requiring no extra work from you?

As for the light bar itself, what if it were made using LED technology? HID lights are bright and have great light output and color temperature (as do halogen lights) but they just don’t last nearly as long as LEDs. We’re talking about LED light bars for Jeep Wranglers and other Jeep models that are made from industry-defining LEDs. They are brighter, tougher and longer lasting than the competition, even among LEDs.

Of course, it should go almost without saying that LEDs are enormously energy efficient. If you throw in some other bonuses on top of great longevity and low electrical draw, you have a real winner. What if you could find a high-quality light bar that was operable in extreme temperatures, resistant to corrosion and moisture intrusion, and even resistant to the bouncing and vibration of the road? 


That would be a real winner, especially when paired with the mounting bracket described above. Now consider that exact same light bar kit with its light mounts and get ready for the real defining feature. The LED Jeep light bar being described is a real thing. It exists, and it comes with another really awesome feature. 

That feature is known as TIR optics, or Total Internal Reflection Optics. This proprietary technology is found only in one place on the market – Diode Dynamics. It also sets the standard for what optical optimization means. 

Many other LEDs used a cupped reflector with the chip. This attempts to focus as much of the light output in the right place, but a lot of it still gets wasted to scattering and poor reflection. It results in an LED that, though it might be very bright, looks diffuse and poorly focused. 

TIR Optics focus all of the light and direct it exactly where you need it, in one place. The result is a light that appears brighter because its light output has superior focus. It also comes in a variety of different beam patterns so it can be used not only as a spot or flood light but also as a supplementary driving light.

You’re probably just waiting for us to drop the name. It’s any of the Stage Series Light Bars available at Enough of our appraisal – visit their website and learn more about their unique features for yourself. While you’re there, don’t miss a chance to check out their other LED replacement lights for automobiles, including but not limited to fog lights, turn signals, tail lights, brake lights, interior and accent lights and much more!

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