Things To Know About Maxwell Style Steak


A Maxwell steak is a specific cut of meat, typically the top round, bottom round or eye of the round. The cuts are made by slicing the muscle in one direction, then cutting it into cubes. This method is known as a “diamond cut,” because it looks like a diamond when viewed from certain angles. The cut lies just below where the prime rib comes from in the front ribs on either side. Maxwell style steak is also referred to as a “Butler Cut” after Henry Maxwell who helped popularize the cut in the early 20th century.

Maxwell style steak comes from the front, back and outside (or top) round of beef. The cut is not quite as tender as a sirloin, but is much more tender than a flank steak or rump roast. The shoulder of beef, for example, has limited amounts of marbling and it is not typically used for a steak. Though the meat is leaner, it has less fat and calories than a ribeye; thus it is excellent for reducing fat while providing more flavor than just-grilled steaks.

The term “Maxwell steak” was named after Wylie D Fife Maxwell who began to experiment with different ways of cooking meat for his family’s farm near Ohio State University where he worked as an assistant professor at the Food Science and Technology Department (FST) between 1963 and 1974.

Things To Know About Maxwell Style Steak :


1. What’s a Maxwell steak?

A specific cut of beef known as a “Maxwell steak” is often the top round, bottom round, or eye of the round. The muscle is first sliced in one direction, then it is cut into cubes to make the cuts. This technique is referred to as a “diamond cut” because, from some perspectives, it resembles a diamond. The cut is located in the front ribs on either side, directly below the origin of the prime rib. In honor of Henry Maxwell, who contributed to the cut’s widespread ubiquity in the early 20th century, Maxwell style steak is often referred to as a “Butler Cut.”

2. What is the best way to cook a Maxwell steak?

Maxwell steaks are best cooked medium rare and cut against the grain. When cooking, never forget to use the proper amount of fat! Too much fat, and you’ll end up dry and overcooked. Too little, and you’ll end up with a tough and chewy steak, which is never appetizing. You want to use enough fat to thoroughly coat the inside of the steak; about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per ounce.

3. What’s the best way to slice a Maxwell steak?

You can cut the steak in different ways if you want a thinner piece of meat or a thicker one; it just so happens that some cuts are better for one than another. One way to cut the meat is by making one long cut through the steak from end to end, then splitting it into smaller pieces. 

This depends on how thick your steak is. For a thinner piece, you can follow the grain of the meat and make one long cut through the steak. For thicker cuts, you can split them between two people. Some people like to cut perpendicular to the grain of meat and make thin slices across a large portion of it; others prefer to make fairly thin slices in much smaller portions.

4. What’s the best way to cook a Maxwell steak indoors?

It’s never a bad idea to season your meat with salt, pepper and some type of herb before you cook it. This will give your meat flavor and can make up for the lack of fat that it might have. There is no one way for cooking Maxwell steaks indoors, but if you have the grill at home you should use this method. Just put the Maxwell steaks on a greased grill plate over a medium heat and don’t move them from their place until they are fully cooked.

5. How long does a Maxwell steak take to cook?

The other thing that you need to figure out when it comes to cooking Maxwell steaks is how long they should cook. If you want your steak to be cooked medium rare, and you have a meat thermometer, then 80°F/27°C is the best temperature for cooking it. However, most people don’t have a meat thermometer on hand, so here are some guidelines: When the center of the fat begins to melt out of the steak, it’s ready. Most people prefer their meat medium or medium-well done; this means that they would cook their meat at 115°F/46°C.

6. How do you make a Maxwell steak?

To make a Maxwell steak, first you need to take out the ribeye portion of your cut of meat. Next, you have to remove the bones and then chop the meat. Afterward, it works as a normal steak but without any crust or skin on it. You don’t have to worry about that because most people slice their meat in this manner so that they can enjoy all it has to offer without what’s on the outside. The cut is also less fatty than other cuts because it’s been taken away from the rib eye and moved to another area; thus there’s less fat in it than usual.


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