Things Nobody Told You About Decorating Delirium


Decorating delirium  is lights used for utility, and not decoration. If you want to make a statement with your décor and create a fun, inviting atmosphere in your home, this is the place to be. However, if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing display of lights that will make the ambiance of your room shimmering and colorful— well stay away. Here we offer up some information on how to quickly break into the market as well as some things everyone should know before they start decorating with light. 

There are some things that most people just don’t tell you about decorating delirium. For example, the idea of spending a bunch of money on your own room is not the first thing that comes to mind for most people. It’s a lot easier to go with what people say they love in other rooms and stick to neutral colors since those colors will hide everything and make it easy for you to change things up next year or five years down the line. Another little-known fact is that because it’s so hard to keep a space feeling fresh over time, never use white! When combined with all of these other tricks, you can truly take an ordinary room and make it into the home of your dreams.

Things Nobody Told You About Decorating Delirium :

1. Linen White

White is almost always the color used because of it’s ability to hide any and all imperfections. If you use a color that is too harsh or too bright, no matter how hard you try, it will still show through. With your own white walls, you can achieve the same look as an expensive designer room that’s been decorated by professionals. 


One good example of this is white walls with polka dots painted directly on the ceiling. Keep in mind though that if you are ever going to do anything this bold, be sure to have a professional painter paint 2 inch grid lines on your ceiling first so that he can take care of any mistakes before he ever gets started.

2. Pop of Color

In order to add a little bit of warmth to your room, make sure you use a color that works off the white walls. The best color to use is yellow because it’s very bright and cheery, but not harsh in any way. If you want something less bright and just want something that will look like real gold leafing, go with the metallic rose gold sheets or pink sheets. These colors are close enough to rose gold or pink that they won’t look out of place in a modern room.

3. Black Or Grey

If you’re looking for an antique feel to your room, there are a few ways to achieve this look that are cheap and easy. One of the best ways is to not go with black at all but instead use a color that’s almost a mix between black and white. For example, keep your curtains on all the time so if they ever get dirty, you can just throw them in the washing machine. 

At night, go with black sheets on your bed and slipcover so that if you want it to be romantic, you can do so without having to do any more work than that! Another easy way is by using gray sheets on top of your bed but don’t give up on it completely. Instead, keep your walls and floor covered with gray carpeting and then put black sheets on top of that. The best thing is that you can get white sheets or black sheets depending on how bold of a statement you want to make in your room.

4. Lights Out Effect

If you want to build up a reputation as a party house but nobody really wants to throw a party at your place, try using the lights out effect. This is where you turn off all of the lights, including the light coming in from outside, and then all you have left is white Christmas lights as far as the eye can see. If anybody asks about your lights, tell them you are trying to save money on electricity; otherwise, it’s a great way to build up an atmosphere for any occasion.

5. Let the Light Shine Through

Special events call for special fixtures, and no matter what your favorite event is, there will be some way you can decorate with light that will bring in the atmosphere of that day. If you are looking to go with something traditional, try a string of twinkle lights over your dining room table or buffet area so that it looks like sparkly stars over heaven.


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