These Local Practices In Heavener School Of Business Advising Are So Bizarre That They Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


While it’s usually not recommended, studying at a business school can be expensive and time-consuming. For those who don’t want to spend their lives in the library, there are plenty of sites to help them learn accounting for free or at least for cheap. In fact, almost anybody can find something that can help them learn about business without paying anything. These local practices in Heavener school of business advising are so bizarre that they will make your jaw drop! 

1. The school has an excreted-on-the-floor policy.

At the Heavener School of Business, instead of using bags, students are expected to use their cell phones to hold their books. In case they forget their phone in class and drop a book on the floor, as long as it wasn’t burned or microwaved (both of which are extremely illegal), they can just leave it right there and use the cell phone for its intended purpose. This policy was put into place because someone spilled ink all over the floor one time and a teacher didn’t want to clean it up or deal with any consequences.

2. All teachers are insane.

All of the professors are so unmotivated that they teach while they’re asleep, sometimes dozing off multiple times in the same class period! It’s common for students to use notes from their friends if they want to learn anything. Many of the professors have been known to yell at students for not knowing something when, in fact, no one does because it was never taught. These local practices in Heavener School of Business Advising are so bizarre that they will make your jaw drop! 

3. A professor once cried in class about his cat dying.

One professor, who was very passionate about his cat, had a real “meltdown” when he found out his cat had died from being hit by a car. He was so distraught, he actually cried while in class. The rest of the students were disturbed and ashamed that they had to listen to this crazy professor and decided to leave early.


4. One professor would rather go to the bathroom than go to class.

This wasn’t a one-time thing or just with any professor, but with one particular teacher. She would often go to the bathroom in class and not come back. She would do this in every lecture and it was very distracting, as students couldn’t focus on her if they kept having to leave their seats to watch her slide down the wall. 

5. A professor was once fired for taking a nap in class.

A professor was fired because he would frequently take a 15-minute snooze during class. He once even took a nap while a student was giving an exam! This only happened once but, fortunately, the students taunted him enough that they got him fired. These local practices in Heavener School of Business Advising are so bizarre that they will make your jaw drop! 

6. A professor wears socks on his hands.

A professor wears socks on his hands because he has skin issues and can’t go barefoot in the summertime. So, instead of just wearing sandals, he wears socks. That’s all there is to it.

7. A professor has no idea how to teach, but they’re paid anyway.

A professor was hired without being an expert in the field they were teaching because no one with that expertise wanted to be a professor. The student body was too far below their standards to learn anything from them, so they were fired and replaced. Even if they did know how to teach, they wouldn’t be paid because it’s against the rules. One bad report card would result in these local practices in Heavener School of Business Advising being so bizarre that they will make your jaw drop!

8. A professor used to work at a chicken farm.

One former professor is now homeless, but not because he didn’t have a job. He used to work at a chicken farm and would go dumpster diving for leftovers. This is why there are so many chickens in the building at all times, as they follow him around like a magnet. He feeds them the leftovers and likes it better this way so he doesn’t have to cook or buy food for himself.

9. One professor once crawled out of bed at 6 AM to teach.

A professor would get up at 6 AM every morning to teach because he had to and there wasn’t another option. Doing this made him look like a loser, though, so he quit after ten days and failed that subject.

10. A professor used to be a soldier in the army.

One professor used to be a soldier in the army. They got fired because they didn’t know how to shoot a gun, so they were working at a chicken farm until the school hired them.


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