These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your APPLE IPHONES


Hello, and welcome to Fix My iPhone. Today, I’ll be talking about the common mistakes people make with their iPhones that result in them getting destroyed. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid these common errors so your phone lasts longer and is more enjoyable to use! Let’s get started! Maybe try iphone xs max ashes of the singularity wallpaper.

One of the most common errors people make with their phones is not backing up the data on it regularly. This article will be presenting the 9 mistakes that will destroy your Apple iPhones and below are the list of items.

1.) Installing a cracked iOS operating system

This is a big mistake because it can cause your phone to crash, which not only makes you unable to use your phone but also inhibits third party applications that make use of an internet connection.

2.) Not backing up data before upgrading the iOS operating system 

This mistake reinforces the previous one as without backing up any data you have on your phone there is no way for you to save what was previously on there in case something went wrong during installation. 


3.) Using the wrong chargers

Using the wrong charger for your phone can cause it to overheat, this not only damages your phone but can potentially harm you too. Always use the charger that came with your phone with an official Apple USB-to-lightning cable.

iPhones tend to have their own specific charging cords for them, which makes this mistake a lot more harmful than it should be. If you use an incorrect cord, your phone may damage itself by potentially overloading itself with data or electricity. 

4.) Improperly Discharging the battery

The battery needs to always be on a very steady charge and if you don’t discharge it in time it will eventually overload and will make your phone explode. Also when the battery is “out” it needs to be charged for about 1-2 hours. You can do this by either plugging the cord into your computer or using a special app called “Battery Doctor”.

5.) Cracking the screen

This mistake is one that everyone makes when they get a new phone, but then realize that it cracked rather quickly and they are forced to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the screen fixed. To avoid this, you should never drop your phone especially on a hard surface like the ground. Even though the new iPads are made of glass and have scratch resistant coatings, any time your phone is broken into and parts can be seen it will make your phone a lot less valuable.

6.) Not properly syncing

You need to cinch your iPhone at least once every month or else data you haven’t used in a while will start to disappear from your phone. This way if you need to get in touch with someone because of an emergency, you won’t have to worry about losing important information. Also it’s very important to backup all of the music and apps that are not already installed on the phone onto either iTunes or the iCloud.

7. ) Not charging the battery all the way

Your phone will not work if the battery is not charged all the way. If you notice that once your phone’s battery reaches around 65% it stops charging, you should let it sit on the charger for 20 minutes to get it to charge all the way. If you don’t charge it fully, it could result in a shortened battery life or will eventually cause the battery to not work at all. Always make sure that your iPhone is on 100% before putting it away for a long period of time.

8.) Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are very important for the protection of your phone’s screen and are a great way to keep your phone looking brand new. If you use a screen protector, make sure you put it on correctly and that there aren’t any bubbles between the screen protector and the screen itself. If these bubbles are left in there they could eventually cause damage when tapping or typing on the phone.

9.) Using your phone for the wrong purposes

This includes using your phone for inappropriate things such as using your phone to call a flat out scammer, using it in dangerous situations, unnecessary purposes that could result in slight damage, etc.

These are just the top 9 mistakes people make when using their Apple phones. Your iPhone is designed for a wide variety of uses. Unless you are up to date with all of the technology and your iPhone’s specific needs, you should stay away from tasks that could harm it in some way. 

Conclusion of this article:

This article hopefully will help you get the most enjoyment out of your iPhone and stop it from being damaged. If you want to learn more about the Apple world and how to fix iPhones then give Fix My iPhone a visit every Friday and see how you can get your phone running smoothly! Good luck!


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