Psychological aspects are but one of the many aspects that go into a person’s rule of thirds menu. Things like geographical environment, ability to cope with stress, and how to handle depression on a daily basis all contribute in a big way. As such, it is important for people to be able to communicate what goes on their mind and not allow others to define their actions or dictate how they should feel.

1. “Cheer up”

First of all, this one can be considered as the most upfront as it is often associated with many people who feel depressed. It is said that those who are around them tend to say this because they want to help them. Unfortunately, it takes more than a mere suggestion to do so and not doing such a thing will only worsen the situation.

2. “Snap out of it”

This one is very similar to cheer up, but at the same time it has another connotation behind it which means that telling someone to snap out of their sadness without actually trying to understand how they feel will make them feel even worse. It is also unnecessary and a way to aggravate the situation.

3. “Why did you do it?”

This is also not only rude but also annoying. It is a foolproof way of making people feel unwelcome in your presence when they are not doing anything or do anything questionable. If a person was to repeat this question then, instead of answering that person’s question, he or she should just walk away and stop him from asking again.


4. “You’ll get over it”

This is yet another way to tell someone that they are not feeling well. This can make them feel even more depressed, thinking that there is no hope at all. Instead of doing this kind of thing, one should be there for them in order to hold their hands when they need it the most.

5. “It’s all your fault”

This kind of statement will never sit well with anyone as it puts too much blame on a person for something he or she did not do but will also be responsible for. It does not take into consideration what happened before the situation came up and as such people should consider saying something like “this might not have happened if ____ had done this thing.

6. “I know how you feel”

There is no way anyone can understand what it’s like to be in a certain situation and so people should never say that they know how someone feels when they are not in the same situation. People should also not compare their situations because everything happens for a reason.

7. “I’ll set you up with someone”

This is something that people usually say when they have not really given the person some time to talk about his or her feelings or even make an attempt to figure out what is going on with him or her. Instead of doing this, one should give them time to make them feel better about themselves and then try helping them out with their problems.

8. “You’re so dramatic”

This is not only rude but also offensive to the person who is in a certain situation. They are in such a situation because they have reasons why they are feeling that way and it will be better if others try to understand them rather than demeaning them by saying that they are being dramatic.

9. “Why do you always think about yourself?”

Sometimes, this can be said in order to share their concerns but many times, it makes people feel worse about themselves and sometimes even end up hurting their feelings. They are not thinking about themselves when they are in a certain situation and it will be better if people stop saying such things to them.

10. “Snap out of it”

This is again similar to the one mentioned above, but instead of telling someone to snap out of their sadness, this is more on putting them down by making them feel like they are doing nothing with their lives. People should also learn that sometimes people cannot snap out of such situations and they should try restoring peace among them.

11. “I don’t get you”

This phrase should be avoided because it will only make the person feel more alone and even more depressed. Try to understand people rather than forcing them to understand you so that way, one can help them out in a better way.

12. “You’re doing it again”

People say this when the people they are with are in a bad mood and they tend to always do the things which annoy people most around them. One should take caution because no one really likes being told that they are annoying someone so this is not an appropriate thing to say at the moment especially if one is feeling down or upset.

13. “Just ____”

This phrase is actually a way of tricking people because when they are angry with someone, most people will end up doing the opposite thing and will end up doing the exact thing that person said. This is usually done in order to provoke or anger them even further.

14. “Get over it”

This one is similar to the one mentioned above but this also gives no room for discussion or any way to resolve what has been happening in one’s life. Instead, people should be there for them more than telling them what they should do and they might listen better if they really want to help them out.


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