The Ultimate List of Buffet Do’s and Don’ts


Buffet, brunch, lunch, or dinner? Boatloads of food for one low price is an offer you can’t refuse. And while all-you-can-eat deals are usually a good time, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when feasting on your favorite dishes and try out slipknot, hollywood casino amphitheatre, august 4.

Here are some things to remember before getting up from the table:

Do’s list of buffet:-

1. Take a protein

If you’re going to eat a bun right away, then take some nuts or seeds. If you’re going to nibble around the buffet, then take some cheese out of a wheel and bring your own crudite to go. Take something that can be easily packed in a bag and eat later, so you don’t lose your appetite while waiting for those Tofurky little bites.

2. Share it with someone you like! 

The trick is to not make up the entire meal yourself and hand everything over when the staff clears away your empty plate. That is a surefire way to look like a pig and completely freak out the other people at your table.


3. Pay attention to the protein bar

You can get those little cubes of tuna and chicken salad, but don’t be that guy who loads up on those and leaves behind their veggie selection in the name of a balanced meal. And read the labels—not all of them are vegan.

4. Be judicious

Don’t take 20 rolls before you even get to the buffet table. Go with a reasonable number, and eat one or two bites of each food before going back for more.

5. Consider your surroundings

If you’re at an event where people are mingling and drinking cocktails, then it’s okay to indulge in those pigs in a blanket. But if the party is corporate or business-casual, a few pieces of fruit, cheese, and crackers will do just fine.

6. Don’t wait until the end

If you start in the beginning and take small portions, you won’t have to come back for seconds or thirds. You’ll be too full to eat more, and there will be enough for the people who want to try a little bit of everything.

7. Spread out your plate!

If you’re going to load up on just one thing, don’t keep piling it onto a tiny little plate. Take as much as you can handle on one large plate so that it isn’t overflowing when they come around with the dessert tray. And no matter how much you like that omelet station, if it doesn’t match with anything else on your plate, give it away anyway!

8. Don’t go super hungry

If you get a little groggy and don’t have that full feeling anymore, then it’s okay to stop. But if you’ve just been eating for hours, and then suddenly your stomach starts growling—you’re probably going to want to finish every bite no matter how good it tastes. Don’t be greedy.

9. Wait for the dessert!

Most buffets do not make their own desserts, so don’t rush them with the last plate of lasagna or whatever. Now is your opportunity to sit back with a nice cold cocktail and watch everyone around you stuff themselves silly with those giant desserts after all the salad has been pushed aside.

Dont’s list of buffet:-

1. Take seconds, please!

Always take just a few bites of your first helping, so you’re not overstuffing yourself when the waiters are clearing away your plate. Besides, you want to save room for the dessert buffet!

2. Eat at your own pace

You can wolf down a plate of butternut squash ravioli as fast as you like—just move away from the table so that others can fill their plates. Don’t hover around and pick at what everyone else leaves behind—that’s just gross.

3. Share with friends only

If your friend has brought a small plate, share a few things. If you only have one plate to share and it’s full of brisket, then your friend will not be happy. Don’t make people feel bad.

4. Clean up your own mess

If you don’t want to get embarrassed at the buffet table, then clean up after yourself! Put your napkin on the empty plate and take everything over to the back of the buffet line where it belongs.

5. Give it away

If you don’t like the salmon and there’s nothing else you like on your plate, then put a few pieces of bread on top and hand it off to someone who will eat it. If you can live with yourself after eating a whole plate of salmon, that’s one thing, but if you’re going to look back on the day and think “why did I do this?!” then consider giving some of it away.

6. Don’t fish for compliments

Don’t ask for seconds or look around for any signs that might suggest others would like seconds too. Just enjoy one plate at a time!

7. Enjoy the drinks!

Buffets are oftentimes paired with cocktail hour or some kind of open bar. Make sure to take advantage of that and order up a few drinks. Or at least take a sip of your coke so you don’t open the carton before you go back for seconds.

8. Don’t overdo it

If you aren’t interested in having onion rings with your steak, then skip them altogether and move on to dessert. Just because you ate in front of the table doesn’t mean others will be okay with it….  

Buffets are one of the best ways to get a lot of food for a low price.


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