The Ultimate List of Aesthetic Dresses Do’s and Don’ts


The world of fashion can be quite confusing at times. Messages contradicting one another are being constantly blasted out on your social media feed and you are left dazed and confused trying to understand what the “in” thing is. One thing that designers seem to agree on, however, is that this season the focus is on feminine dresses and rain garbage aesthetic.

It’s no surprise then that we want to help you decipher which design features will work for you and which won’t – in order to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments in front of a mirror while apparently feeling like a dress looks perfect when it’s not…

Do’s Lists of Aesthetic dresses:

1. A Seasonal Inspired Dress

When you are designing a new dress, take a look at similar dresses that were worn this season. Think about what made those dresses so successful and emulate them when creating your next dress.

2. Understated Style

This season wasn’t about being flashy, loud and attention grabbing – it was about simple lines and a minimalist look that would really stand out if the right elements were added to the outfit. If you want to achieve an understated look, play around with your accessories and avoid anything too fussy or busy. Try and stick to colors that are less bold this season instead of risking a wardrobe disaster.


3. Curves

Last season it was all about the “nipped-in waist” and petite women. This season however, your curves are the showstopper. Baggy clothes just won’t cut it any longer. Add some inches to your silhouette by wearing a dress that compliments your body shape and accentuates the natural lines of your body.

4. Tailored Dresses

Tailoring gives you that sophisticated look that screams high fashion – so if you want to look as classy as possible this season, tailor every outfit as much as possible! Leave no area untouched in an effort to achieve a slim silhouette.

5. Simple Linemans

You don’t need to pay a fortune for a special dress this season. Invest in white or black linemans that complement your skin tone, as well as your shoes and accessories. Add some jewelry and you will be good to go!

6. Tailored Pants

Tailoring isn’t just restricted to dresses. You can also invest in tailored pants that will give your figure that sleek silhouette and slimming effect – it’s definitely worth checking out a shop like RockChic where you can find corseted trousers with a figure-enhancing waistband that will suit any body type!

7. Ruffle Skirts

Forget all those bodycon skirts of last season. This season designers are all about the ruffle skirt! This design element is flattering because the ruffle creates an optical illusion by adding volume to your hips – and this does wonders for your overall silhouette.

8. Attention to Detail

Last but not least, take a look at accessories and make sure that you add some detail to them. One way of doing this is adding some lace or beading as these details catch people’s eye more than plain accessories would!

Don’ts lists of Aesthetic dresses:

1. Lose the Baggy Shirt

Shirts were all about last season. This year, the focus is on fitted sleeveless blouses or shirts paired with tailored pants or skirts. The shirt will work best if it has long sleeves and no frills!

2. No Boxy Dresses

You heard it right – boxy dresses are out of fashion as far as this season is concerned. If you want to look chic and feminine then choose dresses that have a feminine fit and some structure to them. A boxy dress on the contrary will make you look like a mannequin!

3. Oversized Shirts

Besides being out of fashion, oversized shirts will make you look very masculine if you are trying to achieve a feminine silhouette. By wearing an oversized shirt, you will only end up drawing more attention to your chest area instead of your waist and hips – which is not a look that is going to work for you. Look for shirts that have a fitted fit and keep the rest simple!

4. No Tailoring!

It’s okay if your clothes don’t have perfect tailoring. It’s the little details that count – like the hemline that has been adjusted to accommodate your hourglass figure or the buttons that have been pushed towards your side instead of popping out of place!

5. Avoid Oversized Petticoats

It’s true that oversized petticoats can create a feminine silhouette but avoid wearing one if you want to achieve the look of this season! This article was originally published at Found it useful? Do share it with your friends!

6. No Unnecessary Jumpsuits

Besides being out of fashion, jumpsuits are quite impractical and unnecessary this season. You can keep the jumpsuit costume if you want to wear them but they need to be short, otherwise you will look like a mannequin. Besides that, oversized petticoats are just not going to work on you so don’t even think about it!

7. No Fluffy Skirts

Skirts this season have to have some structure, especially if you want to achieve a flattering silhouette… Fluffy skirts will only make your body look messy and unnatural – so avoid this trend at all costs! Well, unless you really like the fluffy skirt look.


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