Amy Winehouse is one of the most famous and influential artists of the last decade. Her powerful voice, unique style, and incredibly fresh sound has made her a household name. Here are some facts on why she’s so great. Amy Winehouse’s signature song has broken the record.

She was born on 14th March 1974 to a father who was an artist and a mother who was an English road manager turned social worker. She started writing songs when she was five years old. She collaborated with several musicals such as We Will Rock You, End Of The Rainbow, The Lion King, and more! Her debut album Frank prompted Rolling Stone to call her “the greatest white soul singer since Aretha Franklin.

Few secrets of Amy Winehouse are:

1. She was a self-taught pianist

She taught herself how to play the piano by ear. She didn’t have access to a lot of formal education or musical training, but she had a natural talent for music.

2. She was a musical talent from birth

The musical talents seemed to run in the family. Her dad was a comic book artist and her mom used to be an English road manager turned social worker, who actually had her own band! When she was five years old, Amy wrote and published her first song called “Mummy’s Little Girl”.


3. Her voice was powerful and unique

Her voice had a distinctive, soulful sound. When she started singing in her teens, she joined an R&B band named ‘The Affair’. Her gruff vocals found their way into the track, which led to a solo career as a jazz singer, but in 2003 released her first album Frank. The album went on to get great reviews and offer Amy international fame.

4. She was collaborating with musicals since twelve years old

Amy wasn’t just talented at singing, she was also a very talented writer and composer. When she was twelve years old, she started writing music for musical plays including We Will Rock You which was created by Queen guitarist Brian May.

5. She won the Grammy for her song Rehab

Rehab was written for Amy’s second album, Back to Black. It was a big hit and got nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

6. Her first band was named “The Affair”

The band consisted of Amy, her boyfriend Seb Rochford who is also a drummer now and two other members Joie Casey who played bass and James Nash who played guitar. They were playing jazz music but later changed their genre to soul music. This is when they changed their band name to “Amy Winehouse Group”.

7. She performed at Glastonbury in 2004

Amy started her musical career playing small venues but by 2004, she was already performing at international festivals like Glastonbury Festival in England.

8. She had a great fashion sense

She often dressed stylishly in vintage clothing, which turned out to be a big influence on young people of her time. She has been named as one of the greatest icons of the decade due to her fashion inspiration!

9. She was the face of “Mitchell & Star” eyewear

Her style and music have inspired many fashion lines, while she herself became an icon for designer brands like “Mitchell & Star”.

10. She was a vegetarian

She didn’t eat meat and also used to do animal rights activism.

11. She had an amazing voice

Amy’s fans describe her voice as “husky”, “gravely”, and “full of pain.” Her unique vocal style drew comparison to other singers like Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Macy Gray.

12. She was inspired by soul legends like Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra (especially the latter)

Not only did she sing similar styles to Frank Sinatra, she also borrowed some of her antics from him too! Frank Sinatra was known for being a drunkard and Amy followed in his footsteps by getting into substance abuse herself!

13. She married Blake Fielder-Civil

Amy fell in love with Blake Fielder-Civil while they were writing songs together. (He was a guitarist in the band “The Hard Eight” ). They got married when she was 23 and he was 25 years old and soon after their marriage, she moved to Rehab for her alcoholism. She also became addicted to drugs.

14. Her second album sold millions of copies

Her second album Back To Black sold over 14 million copies worldwide! This made it one of the best selling albums of all time!

15. She was nominated for six Grammy awards

Back To Black was nominated for six Grammy awards, which is a record. Her second album sold a lot of copies and her performance gave her these awards.

16. She was working with other producers

She didn’t like to write or produce music by herself. She was a very open person who liked to collaborate and work with other people! In 2006, she collaborated with Amy Winehouse & The Way We Were to release an album which went on sale in October 2006. Then, she worked with Mark Ronson on his album Record Collection in 2005 (which reached at No. 1 in the UK!) Then in 2008, she worked with Mark Ronson again on his album Version which also got great reviews and reached at the top of the UK chart!


Amy Winehouse was a big name in the music world. She started her career as a jazz singer and later became a great pop star! People all over the world have adored her different types of music and the way she presented herself. Her cool fashion sense and unique voice made her iconic.


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