The Reasons Why We Love Photography


Photography is an art form that has been practiced since mankind first had the ability to use tools. Its potential for expression has always been appreciated for its beauty, immediacy, authenticity and uniqueness — everything from a snapshot taken by your mom to a Norman Rockwell painting. Dream1photo  is going to share their top reasons why they love photography! If you are a lover of photography, as much as we are, then you will certainly enjoy these top reasons why we love photography. They include functionality, inspiration and just pure enjoyment.

1. Functionality

Photos are a tangible way to capture a moment in time or create a visual representation of your child’s art project and share it with friends and family. They are an excellent way to document life events, especially if you’re not the best at keeping up with journaling.

Photos are also great for documenting repairs, updates, renovations and organizing projects around the house. They can be used as inspiration for setting up a new living space or arranging furniture in an unusual manner. You can even use them as your own personal mood board to plan out colors and other design elements.

2. Inspiration

Pictures: your child is the director of the movie you see in your head, but you have no idea how to produce a true movie. Photos are a great way of documenting inspiration and showing that dream to other people. What you “see” in a photo can be translated into something tangible, and then applied to a remodel or redesign project with ease.


It’s often hard to capture inspiration through words on paper because it’s not tangible enough for others to understand, but photographs are an excellent medium for conveying inspirational concepts because they capture the concept more accurately than anything else out there.

3. Fun

It can be as simple as capturing the way light bounces off an object or scene, or it can be the extreme thrill of jumping out of a plane to photograph your skydive. For some people, taking photographs is a lifestyle and not just a hobby. They have their own niche in which they express themselves through photography.

4. Travel and adventure

Hiking the grand canyon in Arizona, or swimming with dolphins in Hawaii are just a few of the places that travelers can photograph. Combine that with the beauty of a sunset, and these photographers will have their masterpiece for years to come.

5. Personalization

For others, taking photos can be an extension of their personality. If you’re the kind who likes to document your life, this would be a hobby that caters to your needs.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing photos with the world. It truly is a lifestyle for some who take it very seriously and pursue it as a career — so much so that they can even make a living from it through gallery shows where they display their work in person.

6. Creativity

Photography can be used as an outlet for creativity or expression. It really allows people to showcase their creativity in a way that words don’t always express. Often times, people can be stumped when it comes to writing an artful piece but a photographer won’t have that problem because the visuals take care of all of that for them.

7. Business

The fact of the matter is this — the world is becoming obsessed with photography and there’s no sign of it slowing down. This includes everything from social media managers to wedding photographers and even high school photojournalists.

8. Glamor

There are even people who use photography to get noticed by a modeling or acting agency. This is where the world of photography and glamour meet to create a synergy that provides incredible inspiration for many aspiring photographers.

9. Documenting memories

What’s better than a life filled with memories? Well, it’s one that is documented so that you don’t have to remember everything in your mind — you can always open up your photo album and see what you did on that fateful day, who was with you and how it all turned out. Photographs are sure to turn those ordinary moments into extraordinary ones that provide inspiration for years to come.

10. Fun for the whole family

In many ways photography has become a social activity for families to share and create memories together. There are even photo contests out there that bring families together by asking them to share their best photos with the world. These can be simple photos in one of the parks, or it can be a full on adventure trip to Hawaii. Some even do photography projects as a family and join contests together as well.


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