The Nauseating Truth About Taking Cerberos for a Walk.

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What is taking cerberos for a walk?

Taking cerberos for a walk is a technique that sedation veterinarians use when it comes time to take your beloved pup’s best friend out of this world. The goal of the technique is to make the dog very sleepy in order to decrease their pain and anxiety.

I’ve educated myself on the process, but I’m still not too sure what taking cerberos for a walk entails. What are we talking about here? Basically, when it comes time to euthanize your pup’s furry companion, they will administer one milligram of tranquilizer which will first cause shaking, then rapid eye movement and finally sleep. 

The cerberos is then lifted from its cage and held either by the owner or a vet technician. Now that it’s out of its cage, the vet will take it for a walk (tranquilizing it again in-between). Once the dog is deeply asleep, the vet will inject one more milligram of tranquilizer and tap on their lower jaw to ensure that they are not still conscious. Once unconsciousness has been achieved, the vet must count to three (they typically do this out loud) and then inject a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital. The entire process takes less than two minutes and takes place in an operating room at your local veterinary hospital.

Is there anything I should do before taking cerberos for a walk?

It’s important that the dog be in great shape before taking Cerberos for a walk. If they are unhealthy, it is possible that they could die on the operating table. The moral of this story is make sure your pup is healthy and active prior to euthanasia. Something else you should know is that some vets will have you leave your dog’s food down until the night before taking cerberos for a walk just to make sure your dog has an empty stomach (and isn’t going to vomit up any pills).  You also want to wait until after your vet visit to get your dog spayed/neutered. Not doing so can sometimes make dogs more anxious when it comes time to take cerberos for a walk.


What will we be doing before taking cerberos for a walk?

You will want to get your dog all prepared. The best thing you can do is also make sure that they are fed and have a full stomach before the day of the euthanasia. You should also fill their water bowl with fresh water and get them comfy on their bed (they don’t want to lay down because they know it means going ga-ga on the operating table).  If you have cats in your house, try to take them out of the room as well. The reason behind this is so that the dog is not distracted by them when it comes time to take cerberos for a walk.

Apparently dogs can sense that their owners are stressed about taking them for a walk and confused about why their owner is no longer petting it. This can make the dog anxious and you don’t want your pup to be anxious when it comes to taking cerberos for a walk. The best thing you can do is spend as much time with your pet on its last day so that it doesn’t feel neglected or abandoned.  You should also check-in with the vet hospital before hand to make sure that they have everything they need (i.e. the proper paperwork, a room for the procedure, etc.).

How will my pet know it’s time to take cerberos for a walk?

The vet will talk you through the entire process of taking cerberos for a walk. They’ll be making sure that you know what to expect and ask you any questions they may have. Your pet should experience some stiffness in the muscles (especially in their back legs) and will begin to shiver (this can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes). Once your pet is completely stiff, it’s time to take cerberos for a walk; this will happen after only five minutes. 

I’m concerned about the procedure, should I be? All you have to do is remember that your pet already knows that they have a terminal illness and are scared. Taking cerberos for a walk is the most humane way to end their pain and suffering. It might not be easy at first (I mean, no one wants to watch their dog die) but you know that it’s for the best. Make sure you take them for as many walks as possible before taking cerberos for a walk. You want your dog to go out on a happy note, not a shaking note (you’ll see what I mean).

What are the advantages?

There are so many advantages to taking cerberos for a walk! Not only is it the most humane way to put your pet down, but it’s also cheaper than medical euthanasia and you don’t need an advance appointment at your local vet. Oh, did I mention that you can take them for a walk on their favorite route? That way they can have a happy memory of one last outing with their owner. Also, this process can be done in the comfort of your own home (if you’re unable to transport them to the vet hospital). 


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