The mouth coin purse from Japan

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Japan has a reputation for weird and wonderful innovations in both consumer goods and especially in the world of fashion. 

From innovative household gadgets to bags, there was something to suit every need. But then, in 2016, the world got jealous of one particular innovation: The mouth coin purse from Japan!

This modest and yet highly practical and trendy piece of carry-on luggage comes with a number of stylish designs that will surely get your appetite whetted with just one glimpse at this exciting gadget. 

The mouth coin purse is a small handbag that you can slide into your mouth and then swallow, the way you would the coin purse of your choice. 


Your coins will be safely hidden right in your stomach, safe from pickpockets and curious eyes alike.

Here are some points  about the mouth coin purse from Japan

1. Cute and original design

The mouth coin purse is a very cute and innovative accessory that can be worn as a necklace or handbag. 

It comes in a number of cute designs, ranging from the classic black and zebra print to little animal skin purses. 

You can also make your own design to suit your taste and personality, incorporating your favourite patches or graphics on the coin purse.

2. On-the-go convenience for you

For those who always travel light, this invention will definitely prove handy as it is small enough to slide right into your mouth when you are in need of some cash or stored within it when you are not travelling.

3. Protection of your coins

With this product, you will be able to keep your coins safe from pickpockets and fussy bodyguards alike. 

This purse is so small that you can hide it in any part of your body without anyone ever seeing it.

4. It will actually help you save money!

You might not think so but having to choose between paying for a drink or just swallowing your coin purse can be an agonizing dilemma that the mouth coin purse likes to solve for you! 

You might accidentally leave a few pieces of change here and there when you go out to eat or drink, something that the convenience offered by the mouth coin purse will alleviate.

5. Kick start your creative streak!

With the mouth coin purse, you will be able to create your own unique purse or choose one of the pre-made designs that are offered at the popular website. 

The designer explains that this product is ideal for those who can not decide whether they want to buy something chic or practical, it gives you both options with just one purchase.

6. Fashionable and practical at once!

This is definitely a stylish item with countless options for design and style, all catering for this cute accessory. 

All these different styles can be put together in various combinations so you can create something that best suits your personality or makes you feel like a fashionista.

7. Lightweight and small

The mouth coin purse can be worn as a necklace or handbag so it is very lightweight to carry around. 

While the purse is very small, it will still allow you to keep your coins safe from pickpockets and bodyguards alike.

8. It is safe for kids

This product comes with child-friendly designs such as cartoon characters and cute animals so it will be great for kids who love such stuff. 

It would also be easy to hide in their backpacks or school bags when they are travelling so this would be a good way to protect their small savings from people who might take advantage of them without their parents knowing about it!

9. For people who like to save money

If you are the kind of person that likes to save money for when you will need it, instead of spending everything when you get your hands on some cash, then the mouth coin purse is for you! 

This product is very helpful in terms of saving and security. It will keep your coins in a safe place and at the same time, look trendy and fashionable.

10. Travelling light? No problem!

If you like to travel light, this product will be very convenient and useful for you since it’s small enough to swallow up when not in use. 

You can keep your coins safe in this little bag instead of leaving it in the car or something like that.

11. One size fits all

The mouth coin purse comes with adjustable straps which means that it will fit perfectly on anyone. It is designed to be wide enough to accommodate even obese persons. 

You can wear it round your neck, dangling like a pendant or clip it like a handbag if you prefer, there are no rules when it comes to this bag. 


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