The Most Common the most reliable estimate is Debate Isn’t as Black and White as You Might Think


Our estimate is one of three methods that we use to find out the value of a home. We offer this method in order to help you get the value you are looking for.

If you’re looking for an estimate that will help you get the value you want, then you probably need to look for something else.

We are not a price calculator but a value calculator. In addition to other factors like location and square footage, we also take into account the condition of the home (clean, old, outdated, etc.), number of bedrooms, and any other “nice to have” that is in the budget. We are looking to find out the approximate value of a home. If it is under $100,000, we will give you a value of under $100,000.

The most reliable estimate is the one that I’m making here. The home in question is a 2,800 sq. ft. home in San Diego, CA. That’s a lot of square feet, although probably not enough to get it in the coveted number five spot on our most recent list of “most desired” homes.


We have given you a number and in the real world, a number is a number. When we’ve done a rough estimate, we usually come up with a much lower number. We’ll give you the value of the home and that is what we will charge.

In case you hadn’t noticed, you get the house in question if your home is not listed as a “home” on our website. Not only is a home listed as a home, it is listed as a “family home”. For those of you who don’t have the home listed as a “family home”, you can get a couple of hundred dollars for only one of the home types.

The number of house types, the number of home types, and the number of family homes on Earth. We can’t have this number on Earth. We have a number that is very close to the number that is on Earth. We can’t have it on Earth.

But why? It just doesn’t make sense.


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