The key to a healthy life


A healthy lifestyle may seem like one of those things you can’t just turn on and off — the same way you can’t just decide not to brush your teeth in the morning if that’s what you normally do. 

It takes planning and commitment and a little bit of trial and error to find out what really works for you. And while it may not be an easy feat, it is absolutely worth pursuing.

Several years ago, ASUM had a stress-reduction program, which mostly focused on exercising and eating properly to help reduce stress. 

It was a great way for our entire campus community to participate in something that really benefits everyone.


 Since then, we have been trying to integrate more choices into the dining plan that will also contribute to reducing stress. 

We now offer several salad bars throughout campus, healthy meals at Zest and Java Moose, and many other options that are healthy and satisfying for all of us.

The same goes for exercise. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and end up doing the same thing day after day. 

But getting started and staying motivated can be a challenge. So we broke out the big guns — we hired nutritionist Rolando Rolando — and got him to come in and teach our students how to eat right and exercise properly.

  Free Opinion IST has some great tips on how to maintain healthy living on a daily basis, so if you want an idea of what it involves, check out this blog.

By integrating these healthy options throughout campus, we can help everyone feel better physically, so that everyone can feel better emotionally as well.

Tips for healthy life :

1. Read labels. Watch out for “low fat” on items.

 There is a difference between low-fat and low-calorie. In order to know what you are eating, you need to know the portion size and the calories in each item.

2. Get active . 

Whether you’re a student or a busy professional, there are a lot of things that can be done on campus that will help improve your health and lower your stress level. 

Running, biking, hiking — whatever it is you enjoy, make time for it.

3. Recognize how important sleep is and Sleep well . 

Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Not only does quality sleep help with memory retention and mental focus, but it also helps us deal with stress in a more productive fashion. 

When we don’t sleep well, it can lead to being out of shape and getting into bad habits.

4. Find a good balance. 

We all have a different need for food and fitness. 

The key is finding a healthy mix that works for you. If you work too hard, you won’t feel as good physically or emotionally as you might if you gave yourself a little break now and then. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Get to know your body . 

Know what your major stressors are (i.e., don’t stress out about stuff like procrastination or schoolwork), and make sure you are able to manage them.

 If one area is stressed, be sure that you can roll with the punches.

6. Maintain a healthy relationship with food .

 Keep in mind that good nutrition is the foundation of all good things in life. Enjoy food, but make sure it’s something you genuinely like and enjoy. 

The same goes for exercise – take care of your body by making time for it; whether you do it at home or at ASUM, make time to do it!

7. Set goals . 

Decide on your short-term and long-term goals, and work towards achieving them.

 Look for new opportunities to learn about healthy living by reading blogs or watching videos on YouTube or other informative websites.

8. Learn how to relax .

 A good way to relieve stress is by using self-massage techniques, such as rubbing the back of your neck with your hand, or pressing your fingers into the bridge of your nose just above the upper lip for a few seconds.

9. Breathe intentionally . 

When you are feeling stressed out, you can extend the exhale by counting to four or five seconds by inhaling first into the diaphragm and then into the chest and shoulder area.

 This will help to lower your heart rate and help you relax.

10. Exercise for the right reasons .

 Exercise to stay in shape, not because you are trying to lose weight or be more attractive.

 Try to focus on doing what makes you feel good. Lead by example, by the way

 Don’t get so caught up in working out to look good that you neglect the rest of your life or cause stress for yourself or others around you.


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