The History of Tcb Job Maker in Under 10 Minutes.

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What is tcb job maker?

TCB job maker is an education and mentorship program that assists teenage high school students in their transition from high school to college and work. We mentor, guide, and advise these students as they manage their transition from high school to a career by giving them the skills, resources, and support necessary for their development.

Who is the TCB Job Maker?

TCB Job Makers are mentors that have gone through the program themselves but also are college graduates or people who have managed transitions in their careers. Our goal is to create a safe space for these adolescents to explore what they want to do with their lives by planning ahead, building resumes, crafting cover letters, contacting colleges or companies of interest. We also do mock interviews, career fairs, professional development workshops, and many other effective ways to help out the students.

Goal of TCB Job Maker:

The goal for every student who comes through our program is to get a job. However, we want that job to lead to a career path. We want them to be prepared and have a network of people who can help them get their first job or their next job. We want our students to become leaders in the community and in society. They are the future of this country and we would like them to be prepared for what is coming ahead so they can take full advantage of all opportunities that present themselves. 

If you are interested in joining the program we would love to hear from you. We can provide tutoring if needed, resume help, mock interviews, mock interviews, career counseling and so much more. Just like a job, we encourage our students to network with their mentors and others who have gone through the program before so that they can make connections with people who can support them as they move forward in their careers.



-All materials needed to complete a mock interview, resume and cover letters are provided.

-Mock interview is conducted by the participant’s mentor to provide feedback on their preparation.

-Participants meet twice weekly for career counseling and peer support.

-Participants attend professional development workshops twice monthly on career counseling, networking, resume writing and other topics related to job hunting.

-Each month one of our mentors will provide a job fair for participants to utilize in the community where they meet potential employers. 

-Rapid application process so that students can gain experience with their cover letter and resume. 

-Student reaches out to companies who are present at the fair if interested in interning or future employment by contacting them directly.


The program was started by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 90’s at a community college. It was one of the first programs to help transition students into the work force by giving them the necessary skills and knowledge needed for their success. The program has since expanded to other schools in the valley, a few high school and middle schools across the country such as Chicago, Tennessee, Detroit, and Harlem New York among others. Over it’s short lifespan, it has helped about 9,000 students prepare for their next move in life. The goal of this program is to help our community grow into a better place so that everyone can be successful in what they do and provide for themselves and their family.


-Students gain confidence, skills and experience to be job ready.

-Students learn how to network with both potential employers and mentors to make contacts that can help them once they graduate from high school and enter the job market.

-Students learn how to actively search for a job while they are still in high school. 

-Students are coached so they can become successful by determining future career paths, setting goals and following through with their goals. 

-Mentors protect students from making mistakes in college, work or life that could ruin their future by learning from the mistakes of other mentors who have gone through the process beforehand. 

-Mentors give hope by encouraging students when times get hard.


-Students need to be serious about their future. This program is not designed for students who are stalling because they are unsure of what they want to do with their life.

-Students need to be willing to follow the advice given them by their mentors and counselors so that they benefit the most from this program.

-Participants are held accountable for the work that they need to complete throughout the program. This program was designed to create a positive change for teens in the Twin Cities who are transitioning from high school to college or the job market. 

We have found that this program is useful for adults, college students and other individuals who are looking to make a career change. We also help adults get a job. The only difference with this group is that they are given an opportunity to do mock interviews, resume and cover letter work so they can be prepared before they move into the workforce or pursue further education. Most of our mentors have gone through the program themselves so they can give someone else advice.


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