The Hidden Agenda Of Ash Greninja Breedable


Ash Greninja has been a popular breedable in Pokemon GO since it was released. It is perhaps not as powerful as some others in the game, but Ash’s Greninja can be quite tricky to defeat if you don’t know what your opponent is capable of.  Rumors have been circulating that there are other motives behind this Pokemon’s release than just a few extra coins from players. In particular, many players have pointed to the fact that Ash’s Greninja can be obtained through an SOS battle with any Legendary Tyranitar without fail after capturing and evolving it into a fully-evolved Gyrados. Is ash greninja breedable? There are more reasons that we will be discussing in this article.

This article is in response to a discussion on Reddit about breeding Ash Greninja. It really does not matter what breeders think. What matters is the truth and Pokemon Go has a pretty solid history here of being open, honest and transparent about their business practices. They have even posted on Reddit, explaining how to obtain Ash Greninja without paying for it. 

The Hidden Agenda Of Ash Greninja Breedable :

1. What Is Ash Greninja?

Ash’s Greninja is a unique Pokemon that can only be obtained in one way. You cannot encounter it from the wild or hatch it from an egg. It can only be obtained by showing up at a certain location and completing an in-game quest.


2. Where To Get Ash Greninja?

You will have to show up at the Pokestop that is located near the water fountain outside of the Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York City on July 23rd between 11am and 1pm local time. This Pokestop will be replaced with a Gym that is hosting an event to obtain Ash’s Greninja. This will only happen on July 23rd, so keep an eye out.

3. Requirements

All you need to do is capture a fully evolved Gyrados or show up with a friend who has one. If you are trying for the in-game quest, then make sure you have your own Gyrados and that it is at level 40. You will also need one Pokemon GO Plus device for each player.

4. Quest

The quest is pretty straightforward and you will have the opportunity to obtain a total of 3 Ash’s Greninja in 2 separate battles. The first battle will pit your level 40 Gyrados against an under-leveled Pokemon, which should be easy to win. At the end of the quest, you will get a silver Mega Stone that can be used to evolve any Gyrados into Mega Gyarados. You can only use this stone once, so make sure you choose carefully! The mega stone that is rewarded at the end of this quest cannot be re-obtained if you choose to evolve a different Gyrados.

The second battle will give you a chance to fight the original Pokemon that is being used by the quest host. If you win, then you will be given the opportunity to battle against Ash Greninja. If you lose, then you will get nothing.

If you are having trouble defeating Ash Greninja in the first quest, try having your Gyrados use “Giga Impact” which has been shown as a reliable move for defeating this Pokemon. It seems like Giga Impact could be an effective tactic on this Pokemon but it is very important to note that he does not have any weaknesses and has absolutely no defensive or counter moves at all! 

5. Rewards For The Quest

The quest will reward you with 3 Ash’s Greninja, all at level 40. If you choose to evolve your Gyrados into a Mega Gyrados and then obtain another, then you will receive a total of 6 Ash’s Greninja! As for the in-game reward, you will get a shiny gold “Ash Greninja” that can be evolved into a shiny ash greninja with the capture skill up to level 25. 

6. Ash’s Pokemon

If you have ever watched the Pokemon TV show, then you will recognize Ash’s Greninja immediately. However, not every player realizes how powerful this Pokemon is in relation to other water types. This Pokemon will be toxic poison and psychic type and has a unique background of being both strong against and weak to Dark, Bug, and Fighting types. It also has super-effective matches against dragon and ice types, which are the top 3 most popular Pokemon in the game at this very moment!

7. What Is Ash Greninja Good For?

Ash’s Greninja is a very powerful Pokemon that has a high combat power against all of the most popular Pokemon in the game. This makes it an excellent choice for players to consider. In addition, it will have over a thousand CP which also makes it desirable by some players who are looking for a very powerful Pokemon that has great special powers and double-effectiveness against so many of today’s most popular Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon can be used to take on virtually any type of gym, including gyms with popular water types like Lapras or Gyarados.


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