The Future of one.chick-Fil-A/forgot2scan.

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What is one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan?

The one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan is a website that showcases the latest headlines, trailers, and updates for restaurants across the country. The website is equipped with a QR code which allows for quick food delivery at any of these restaurants.

The future of one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan looks like:

1) Everyone orders from this site, to avoid lines and waiting times at other locations. 

2) You are able to order breakfast, lunch or dinner without ever leaving your phone app or computer screen! 

3) This will make it much easier to find a location near you in which to eat! 


4) You get around 20% off for each order with this site (excludes alcohol purchases). 

5) The in-house delivery charge will decrease, due to the additional money that you are saving by not going out to eat.

6) The convenience of this will lead to more people joining!

7) More people will use their phones as a credit card.

8 ) You won’t have to take any cash with you because it is all done online!

9) All of the restaurant reviews and QR codes for the restaurant’s will be posted by users on this site. So you can read reviews from other users that have tried similar or different things at the same restaurant.

What is the use?

It is a way to get the best deal on your meal all in one spot. You can scan, order, and receive all at once via the link provided. You can look for coupons and special offers that other people have discovered, and it is a great way to get discounts each time you eat out!

Who are the people involved?

The site is run by one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan and is editable by anyone on the website that has an account, you can log in and make changes to what you want to add or even change articles! Sign up for an account on the website and get started today!

Myth or Fact?

Myth:The fact: The time when this idea officially came into affect is recorded as 03/01/2018. 

How will it be rated?It will have a five star rating system based on level of satisfaction, where if you are incredibly satisfied with your order, you will be given all five stars. If you are only satisfied, you will be given four of the stars. If you are somewhat satisfied, you will be given three stars. If the order is “didn’t like it” then you will be given two or less stars.

What are the statistics?

There were over 30,000 people that went to this website from 32 states in just 24 hours! 

How much does it cost?It only costs $0.99 for each order and delivery charge! Sign up today so that you can start saving money and spend your hard earned cash on products that interest YOU!

What are the drawbacks?

The website went down 3 times in 24 hours, which forced everyone in the chatroom to wait around for a while before they could proceed with their orders.

What is the one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan website?

The one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan website is a way to get your favorite foods delivered right to your door without having to go out into the public and wait in line!  It is a website designed for people of all ages, and it will make your life easier with its ability to let you easily choose what you want, get it delivered to your door, and enjoy eating it within minutes!  This lets you spend time doing things that you love, like playing video games or hanging out with friends. The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t cost much at all.

What are the advantages? 

It did not take very long to get delivery to your door once you submitted your order, and our food was still warm! If you are considering this site because you fear that the policy may change, I hope that it will not, otherwise I will have wasted my time and money.

When did the one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan website open?

The one.chick-fil-a/forgot2scan website opened on 12 July 2014 for users to use and enjoy. We hope you will make use of this site to order food from your favorite restaurants and save a good portion of money as a result! This is an easy way to get your food, cooked by the experts themselves, delivered right to your door!

What is the policy?

The policy of the site is that you can order food from the restaurants on their site, and they will deliver it to your door. You can take advantage of this website because they will not charge you a tip!  As long as you pay attention to what you’re ordering, making sure that it’s something you’re sure you’ll enjoy, then you are sure to have a great time. Keep in mind that there are other restaurants available if you do not like what was originally available. The money saved may be used for another identical order!  On top of all of this, there are in-house delivery charges based on how far away your house is from the restaurant.


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