The 9 Best Tubidy Mp3 & Video Search Engine Podcasts of 2021

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The world of podcasts is booming. New podcast networks and distribution platforms are popping up all the time, as well as new shows to listen to. One such network is Tubidy Mp3 & Video Search Engine Podcasts, a platform that houses over 1 million different episodes from some of the most popular and influential people in today’s society. In this article, we will give you 9 recommendations for great podcasts on Tubidy so you can start listening right away!

The first podcast we recommend is called “The Tim Ferriss Show”.

Mp3 & Video

This show chronicles the life of its host and his quest for information, adventure, and self improvement. The episodes range from deconstructing world class performers to understanding how technology can lead people down dark paths. It has been one of Tubity’s most popular podcasts since 2007!

Next up on our list is “disgraceland,”.

A series that uncovers stories about disgraced musicians in America’s history who have fallen out of grace with society due to their bad behavior or criminal actions. These are not fluffy biographies but rather investigations into the lives of rock stars gone wrong, think Elvis Presley all over again! You will hear some of the most famous and infamous rock ‘n’ roll songs played in a new light.

Another great podcast is “The Allusionist”.

This show, which can be found on Tubidy or your favorite RSS feed, explores how language shapes the world we live in. You’ll learn all about word origins, etymology, words that exist but are unused by society (like “pishogue”), and more!


Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

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If you’re looking for something to laugh at then check out “Anna Faris Is Unqualified.” The host of this show interviews celebrities from her own life actors she’s worked with like Jennifer Lawrence and Vince Vaughn; comedians like Zach Galifianakis; musicians including Ed Sheeran asking them their advice on life. It’s a funny, insightful podcast that will have you laughing and learning from the best of the best in Hollywood!

“The Moth Podcast”

It is all about real people telling true stories in front of a live audience. It’s one person sharing an experience with other listeners and it can be anything from the most utterly boring to the most intriguing, funny or sad story you’ve ever heard. The episodes are usually 30-60 minutes long so they’re perfect for listening on your commute!

“The Nerdist Podcast,”

Hosted by Chris Hardwick, is a weekly show where celebrities and comedians have conversations about all sorts of topics. You might hear interviews with actors like Zach Braff or Felicity Jones; writers like Lena Dunham or Margaret Atwood; bands including The Eagles or Metallica. This podcast has it all!

Another one  is called “Disgraceland”.

This podcast features in-depth interviews with the most famous and infamous rock stars who have fallen from grace, like Elvis Presley. The episodes are not fluffy biographies but rather investigations into the lives of rock stars gone wrong, think Elvis Presley all over again! You’ll hear some of the most famous and infamous rock ‘n’ roll songs played in a new light.

Next we have “Last Podcast On The Left.”

This show explores various horrors throughout history such as serial killers, government conspiracies, monsters and more. They explore topics like werewolves, cults, and haunted dolls. Nothing is off limits when looking at things that go bump in the night! ????

The last podcast we recommend is called “Invisibilia.”

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This show explores how people interact with invisible things like our beliefs about ourselves or society, as well as visible ones such as technology. The hosts explore topics like mental illness, living without fear after trauma, or happiness while doing something difficult by talking to scientists and other experts on these subjects for 30 minutes per episode. You’ll hear stories about psychology, sociology and all sorts of interesting stuff!

The best way to find the right podcast for you is just to start listening. Don’t be afraid to try new shows or genres that are outside of your normal interests because there might be one out there that will become a favorite pastime! We have already provided you with some popular podcasts,in this blog  but feel free to explore and listen on your own time. Also the best podcasts to listen to are the ones that change your perspective, or give you new information.Hope you liked this blog, for more such blogs,stay tuned.



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