The 11 Most Successful Craigslist Companies


Craigslist has always been a favorite stop for potential online jobs and finding misspelled words. It’s easy to quickly search for what you want, but it can also be easy to find yourself swindled into some lost cause/sell-out scheme. So before you start your job hunt or sell your typewriter on Craigslist for nh, check out these 11 companies that have gained success because of their craigslist ads.

1) Charity

Although it could use more advertising, the charity section of Craigslist is a great way to help people living in poverty while achieving huge profits. You may not receive anything directly from the company, but they reach lots of people and do so in an efficient manner. And what stands out more than a poor person? Using poor people in your advertisement is far more profitable than using pretty people. Plus, who doesn’t love feeling like the hero all of a sudden?

2) Myspace

Who would have thought? Before it was bought out by Rupert Murdock and Tom Cruise for $580 million, Myspace was run by the company Intermix Media. By advertising on Craigslist and reaching large amounts of customers, Myspace was able to get huge profits from their 50 million user base. The sad thing is that it might not have worked if that many people had found out about their success through other means.


Sometimes a job listing can be extremely limiting. By putting your ad on the website Glassdoor you can reach more than a million people via Craigslist and still make money. The benefits of using this site include the fact that you get to keep 85% of your salary and that it’s 100% free.


4) Groupon

While you might think this is another site that is easily replaceable, Groupon proves that when it comes to advertising, nothing can replace the strength ofCraigslist ads. Their ads helped them gain so much money that they were able to purchase the company for $8 billion. So fret not, though Groupon may be a different type of internet success, you can still turn your craigslist ad into a cash cow.

5) Spotify

Spotify is actually known for being able to use craigslist in an effective manner. Recently their ad campaign reached over 100 million users and resulted in over 1.5 billion dollars of revenue. The ads were able to be effective because Spotify only advertised their service when a user was online, thereby increasing the chances of someone visiting the site.

6) Y Combinator

This is a company that has made great strides in corporate America. Not only have they helped launch over 500 companies, but they also help fund them with more than $200 million in investments. Much like every other company, it’s Craigslist ads that are responsible for their success. By reaching out to almost anyone and everyone on Craigslist, the company can find and reach entrepreneurs before anyone else does.

7) Grubhub

Who would have thought? Grubhub successfully reached over 100 million new customers by using craigslist ads. Their most successful ad for their delivery service resulted in over $40 million in sales and has been credited with the company’s explosive growth. When someone has made enough money on Craigslist, it’s time to try importing it.

8) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a big name in the business of illegal file sharing. The website was founded by 2 Swedish men and their only ad is on the infamous site, Craigslist. In just 4 years, the company has made $1 billion in revenue from over 12 million users. 

9) Snapchat

Snapchat is notoriously known for being able to capitalize on craigslist ads by using videos that often have nothing to do with the product being sold. By showing videos, you’re able to reach a new and more interactive audience. As a result of this, Snapchat has exceeded 500 million daily users, making it one of the most successful companies on the internet. While they may not have as much success using this method as some of the others, it’s not completely unheard of.

10) EBay

Yes, the site that sells everything is also responsible for some of the most successful companies. By advertising on Craigslist they have been able to make over 6 billion dollars in revenue. For a company that hasn’t made that much money in 10 years, it seems like ebay was bound to turn a profit via craigslist ads.

11) Amazon

Amazon has made notable amounts of money from Craigslist ads. Their first big success was selling books and only selling through craigslist. This resulted in over 1 million books being sold per month and over $1 million a year in sales for e-books alone.


It would be easy to think that craigslist is adless and only used for finding places to score weed or picking up chicks. However, the site has a history of being able to turn advertising into money, something that should be taken advantage of before someone else does.


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